Schwatzberg Castle

Thank you to Sonya O for the photo prompt. This is part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy,

From the village, you could see the tower.   I cried the a beacon to the wanderlust college kids.  Eli and Henry were cruising German with backpacks and an Europass.  They found their castle outside Lörrach.

They grab snack food and a couple pops for the road.   The way want known yet.   It was finding a path to the top.  And looking from the sign along a fence this was there first clue. .

“Kein Zutritt! Betreten verboten.”  blazed the red and white sign.  No Trespassing signs all look the same.  Especially to college kids.

The gate was an old wooden one.   It’s creaking sounds could wake the dead.   It seemed to keep the forest from coming out into the road.   Once on the other side, a path long overgrown wide enough for a carriage hide in the weeds.  

“Eli, it’s going to be so cool!  No flashlights tonite.   What if it’s just walls? So cool, so cool.”

“Henry, we got a way to go.  It’s on a ridge.  The views will be killer.”

The last switch back was enough to take there last breath.  In front of them three walls made a ghost of a castle. The words on the sign,  Sie wurden gewarnt! (you were warned)

45 thoughts on “Schwatzberg Castle

  1. I like the way you build up the suspense in this and leave us with a sense of foreboding. Will they encounter something pleasant … or something that will completely destroy their youthful bravado…? German castles are interesting places, and your use of German in the story is effective. 🙂

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  2. great beginning to an exciting story I’m so curious about what will happen next can you tell us please or just write it it will be wonderful if you end this story please plz plz 🙂 i want to know .

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    1. Thank you my dear. I can’t wait for canyon trip. Going inside canyon is incredible experience. You lose the outside world. I may have ignored a couple signs here and there.


      1. You go where it’s forbidden hmm. Lol
        I wish to read a full story, why not make a post on it. I don’t mind getting more goosebumps;)


      1. No. I did three years in high school and college. But I googled “English to German”translator. I have used it for Spanish as well. Smart phones actually can be useful. 😉

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      2. Actually I tried to speak Spanish. The bartenders had me say the name of drinks because I was so bad at it. But I got awesome top shelf drinks. They had some fun but appreciated I made the effort abd wanted to learn it.

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      3. The Navajo are the only ones I haven’t had luck with doing this. Next month I’m heading to the grand canyon and monument valley. I’ll try again, at least the Hopi are friendly.

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      4. Yes, a lot of them are like that. I live right next to their reservation and have worked with many of them. They are a very “closed” people. The ones that I worked with, once I got to know them, were very friendly. My grandmother use to teach on the Navajo Reservation and she just loved them. They really respect their teachers and their parents do as well.

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      5. I hope you do have a good experience. I think you can look them in the eye but they might not look you in the eye. But at least you are letting them know you aren’t afraid to look them in the eye or that you aren’t hiding something.

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