She – Collage 197

Her train ride to Pankow showed her the beauty of the Spring thaw.  Delicate drops run free.  The ground clinched the precious glitter and turned them to flowers.  The world stole her breath as her feet hit the ground.  She danced among the broken souls.  Smiling and hugging all, her mission was to change the world.  She never noticed all the little cuts asking the way. 
She was found in the forest.  The rest were just empty suits, but oh how they despised her.  Noone seemed to notice they were less shattered afterward. 

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12 thoughts on “She – Collage 197

      1. Mandibelle16 created the collage. The VW with all the illustrations and the girl laying in flowers like she was dead have me a serene feel.


  1. I loved this take on the collage and quote. I like how she never noticed the cuts of the broken people, how she healed them. It’s sad they would despise her since she was the one putting them back together but sometimes that’s how it’s done. It makes me think of the second Dark Knight movie where Bruce Wayne/Batman has to become the ‘the bad guy’ in people’s eyes to keep the image of Harvey in place, so the people wouldn’t be
    hurt by the reality and would feel safe.

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    1. It one of the human traits to loath the very thing that heals us. Interesting analogy, I’ve always thought of Batman as the character too damaged to walk in the light and chasing his demons by battling a physical evil. The whole walking through the valley of death type thing

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      1. That seems like a fair assessment.

        I guess in the dark knight movies in the second one, Batman couldn’t fight physical evil anymore because there was greater evil than him and his demons.

        Harvey Dent (Two-Face) destroyed by Rachel’s death because Batman chose to save Harvey and not Rachel (Harvey and Bruce Wayne’s love) turns a good Harvey into something evil.

        In this instance Batman is more like a ‘saviour’ figure because Harvey Dent started out as a good man, doing great things for the city of Gotham (put all the crazy criminals on jail etc. ..) that the only way for Commissioner Gordon to save Harvey’s reputation after all he does after turning evil, was to blame it on batman who was still to Gotham a mysterious figure. He takes on the blame and they destroy his light etc….he becomes like the girl in your poem despised even though he saved everyone from Harvey Dent and Joker in the end, both evil

        I’m sure you’ve seen it and the others. This one was particularly good because of Heath Ledgar (his last role) as the Joker. Evil without a reason, just to be evil.

        I remember watching all three movies thinking there is so much symbolism here but I don’t know if the average person watching would get that.

        Sorry for long comment. Have a great day 🙂

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      2. I love the long comment. The character of Batman is extremely complex. There are so many elements within his own conflict let alone the “Gotham City” part. I love Heath Ledgar’s jokern perfect Villian

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