The large silver sail spreads the golden rays like a second sun.   In the wake of this light, dark figures move like ants.  Great winds push forth the majestic craft.  It’s riggings decorated in dark cords of matted metal.  Pieces of silver sliver like add sails and glory to the beast of transportation.  Defying logic silence is the calling card.

Sailors long from Port regale tales of exotic locals.  Their promise of adventure always greatest before arriving.  These distant shores could steal away a few of them.  They always do.

What seem so much like years in the making, voyages end fast.  The stir of leaders on high decks signals landing.  Soon, oh so very soon.

A few hazzard to view where they are going.  The tiny place of their dreams looks so mundane.  Simple lands with aged people. They hide under false skin and scurry from tin shell to box. A good crew never questions the captain .   These boys have plenty of questions.

A general alarm sounds signaling contact imminent.  Several position change on board.  The glimmering sails surely announce them to the people below.

The golden reflection lights up a sky.  From the life giving light, comes a weapon.  Tears of the Sun break free of the sails.  Few notice until too late.  Panic is the downfall.  A few figures below have waited for this very night.



18 thoughts on “Sailing

    1. Thank you darling. I have a story I’m trying to play out. I can set a good scene, then the words fill the tapestry of action. Ok, I get lucky sometimes and my writing has always been descriptive 🙄


      1. When I first read it I thought it was another story for the FFfAW challenge, then as I read on I realized it wasn’t. Is your wife going to be able to be with you for Thanksgiving? I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

        Liked by 1 person

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