Like Any Other Night

Photo Credit : Footy and Foodie

“The sky is on fire!  It’s falling down to the waves.  My God, the sand has flames on it!”  Her voice calls out from a balcony.  

I arrive to see the sunset in purest form.  The Sun’s fiery tears weep into the water.  An ocean lamps them to the shore.  Breeze of salt mixes with a little smoke.  Paradise is only lost when you stop thinking about it. I draw a deep breath.

She pauses realizing I have joined her.  “You know it’s the reason I wanted to come here.   They said there’s nothing  like when they release the plasma waves to cleanse the water.  Tears of the Sun, what a quaint term those earth beings had.  They were so simple minded.  They rashly thought we were here to help them.  They left us a nice place to watch at least.”

I smile and think of his many more places we will go to and start again.  It’s fun every time.  Pity we will only have a century or two here.

“Shut up already.  My mind doesn’t need your thoughts right now! Just take it in.  Tomorrow, it’ll just seem like any other night.”

 She loves the old ways to communicate.  “Yes, tonite you dance to flames. Tomorrow, and the next week we will watch it burn.”

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at


36 thoughts on “Like Any Other Night

    1. Oh no! I just can’t do Alien Pilgrims bring debauchery in the name if religious freedom and heresy. I mean mean 1620, letting indians feed you then kill and steal their land, Salem Witch trials, there are too many places from which aleins would have been better people. Just a thought 🙂


      1. So did you use the book as the gospel truth or did you bring up some of the seedy side of the past. The winners write history, or more correctly when America was the most literate country in the world New England had more publishing than anywhere else in the New World


      2. I love reading both sides of history. we filter biases into rewriting history. I think if we could read books from a hundred years ago how different would we think


      3. Without DWW there would be no DWM. Of course, those same DWM gave you Betty Ross in 1876. I actually think my favorite book on history is Short History of the Confederate States by Jefferson Davis. It really has so many things that were left out in it. I knew the Civil War had multiple causes and that slavery was the Northern Cause (the Emancipation Proclamation not freeing slaves in the “Northern States” was weird ..Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky and Washington DC) But I never found anything before that mentioned New England threatening to succeed after the Louisiana Purchase. It was fascinating to see where they almost did in 1805.


      4. Seward’s folly lead to the US purchasing only Alaska. He wanted Siberia and would have gotten it. The negative publicity made the territory less desirable. A crazy crossroad that would have changed WWII


      5. But if the colonies attack Canada during the revolution with the French. the New World us very different. Take away the 1820 compromise and the Caribbean becomes Southern states with rum, sugar, and skaves


    1. Making it seem a romantic evening sensed the best way to reveal who they are. True horror requires you to be a participant to creating the image of what they must be like. Maybe that’s just me. 😉 Thank you darling

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    1. Alien romance stories are an underserved story form. I mean between conquering other worlds they do need to make more little aliens. What a better place than this? OK maybe not while we call it our own . 😀


    1. There’s a thin line of romance and annihilation of the human race. Once plasma answered the question of how, I was good to go with both. I mean who says aliens wouldn’t find this a romantic place. Many thanks 😀

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