Garage Sale Treasure

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at

The glow of fluorescent pink was overwhelming.  It locked eyes with Jenny. The voices reach ears open lyrics slightly more than a pin drop. “Buy me! Buy me”

Her grey eyes turned dark.  Her voice rose from a peep to strong.  “Mommy. Mommy it’s perfect. It’s very valuable because it’s pretty!” Jenny looks at her Mommy who is picking at clothes. 

“Baby, it’s just plastic.  We ain’t spending $5 on plastic.”  Mommy  doesn’t look back. 

“But why does it have a $125 price tag on it?” Jenny smiles to someone who doesn’t see her. 

“We just don’t need it!   Put it back.   It’s just junk!”  Mommy makes a little to much noise. 

“Little one?   You like that box.   It’s yours.   All the junk in the world is treasure to someone.   It’s got a green ring inside…. you just have to own it up to find it.” Dot pulls back her straw hat.  The eighty year old eyes open to bright blue.”Hold on to what you want.  It’ll be important to you.”
“Thank you.  It’s so pretty!”  Jenny curls little hands around the box. 

“We don’t need charity”  Mommy says with an attitude.

“We all need charity!  Some accept and some fight for nothing…  And call it pride.” Dot narrows her eyes. “The lesson in life is not to pass on the wrong thing.”  

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