Action News

“It’s 5pm!  I’ll go hit a bus load of nuns, if I have too.” Mr Cooper waves his fist in the air. “We have 45 minutes to find something in that Damn  copter for the 6 o’clock lead!”

“Sir,the police scanner is quiet except for a puppy rescue.” William Dare looks at his boss like this is below the award winning investigative reporter.

“You’ll be doing Public Service Announcements if we get scooped on this story, Billy Boy!” Mr Cooper looks through his soul. “We made up accidents in my day!   Stock footage and hand edited too!  You’re all soft.  The news is a work of art! Precious opera of life!  I’d give my right arm for another round of it!”

“This is Willam Dare.” He interfaces himself to the firemen.

“You’re an idiot! You chased the dog back in the sewer with that helicopter!” Eric looks over him and his cameraman.

Behind them Channel 10 films the whole conversation.  They weren’t scoped, just the lead story instead.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at

23 thoughts on “Action News

      1. Repetition is the key to conversation. We talk in bits and pieces. Don’t think of how you talk to a friend but how others to others. We are brief but usually trying to convey a feeling over information. I actually did a WordPress class that had a story in nothing but conversation. So you had to have characters set the scene and develop it without your descriptions

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    1. I was out of ideas for the prompt. The whole life flight thing already done. I could have gone old TV show and had the story about frozen turkeys thrown out of helicopter as a giveaway


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