Dreams of Dreams

Soft images bleed together

What I clearly see fades to yellow

A mystical sun parts unknown clouds

Sunrise at waist level washes clean a world unknown 

Shadows cling on the edges waiting 

Mountains share ocean breezes as sand drifts by

People I remember look like mannequins

Waiting to be added or removed from the stage

My heart picks at them hoping this time they join in

Pulse and breath make a backbeat to still moments

I look upon the landscape of my conscious 

My fears dance with my desires, a two step 

It’s hideous beauty resonant in every feature

Focus bares a new scene, the players are set

A curtain parts to begin Act 1, Scene 1

I remember her, so lovely and cold

It was how many years ago

And him, we drink and talked for days

But you, who are you?!  What plans come from you?

I fall into a thousand color world

Bits become images, sounds words

The dream is more alive than I am.


30 thoughts on “Dreams of Dreams

  1. You definitively capture that dream state in this poem.But the end is sad, “the dreams are more alive than I am.” Nice write Mark 🙂

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    1. Dreams often are far more lively than real life. Not meant to be sad, but I understand the thought. BTW, October I make my published debut in Spillwords. Thanks for sharing site.


      1. Oh awesome! Way to go Mark. I cant wait to read your poem/writing. Its a great site 🙂 And yes I agree, sometimes I wake up and think my dreams are much more fun.

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    1. I had a girl ask me to review her blog. She had a nice dream poem and made me think what I could do with a dream. I’m getting published in October in Spillwords, so I figure I’m feeling good about poetry today.


      1. I only feel really good about a quarter of them. So maybe I’m expecting too much. Thanks for the kind words. I’m spending to much time looking into moving and not enough writing. 😕


      2. My afore mentioned wife likes to know fine details like when, and how? Without these and preparing for a move, my life could be threatened. She carries a gun for a living


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