Angels Wins Round One

“I she her. I see them.” Dwight points with an outstretched right arm.   I look at him.   The black tux loose on his pole bean frame.   If his hair wasn’t racing back from his forehead, we would both look thirty.

I have spent half an hour looking.   Waiting for their return.  The anxious moments separate from time and space.   I question myself.  I question her,  well both of them.   The figure in blue leads her back to me.   I notice only one.   The hug of the other jars my thoughts out of the ruts they fell into.

Chloe giggles and kisses my cheek.  Her hand finds mine.  Metal and fuzzy.  The touch is strange.   I look down.  Two handcuffs, one pink and one blue.  I look up to her.   She is radiant.  I smile back.   My mind slips away.

“We can use those later..” Chloe blushes and puts her nose against mine. “I’d love to stay here…but I have a wedding in a few minutes.”

“Me too!  I wonder if you know her?  She has a long white dress with seawater trim. But what’s under that dress? And these handcuffs…hmm” I smile the smile of the idiot.

I am fifteen minutes away from the start of a wedding.   My heart is all in.   Parts of me remember what those handcuffs felt like.  The woman who handed them off to her had a way with them.   And too many other things.   I hold Chloe’s face but my mind is crafting a different body.  The curves are so familiar.  I hold my breath.

“Which mistake am I making? ” I whisper.

“Wow, you’re a mess dude!”  Dwight smiles.   His hands finds my shoulder.   “Time to get you hitched! ”

We turn toward the outdoor gazebo.  Families taking their sides.   Flowers spread out like tapestry.  I see smiles looking at me.   The ladies wait for us to start everything.   The music starts.   I’m looking happy.   I’m feeling like am heading for the gallows.

Part 1 conveniently located here

11 thoughts on “Angels Wins Round One

      1. She’s the one noone gets over, and too insecure to give herself to anyone. The ultimate piece of work! I have assembled her from some choice memories. 😨


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