Angels and Demons – Photo Challenge #118


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I see her lead away.  As she floats across the sand, I imagine what will happen when she comes back. We are hours away from forever. The minutes will drag until they return.

“I wonder where they are going?” Dwight,  my best man shakes my focus.
“This is a girl thing, right?”

Fuzzy warm thoughts become fogged in.    Talk?  My mind spins. Talk about what? My floating white clad angel disappears in the distance. What? Secrets? I think about possibilities.  They become storm clouds.  Lightning strikes of shadows past.  The following boom of things I never told her ring in my head.

Hanna pulled her away.  Chloe had no idea of that past once shared. They are best of friends now.  How much did they share?   The moments slow.  I kept out from her.   Every woman had a problem with her once they knew.

“Oh shit!” I speak it softly.

“Dude, you are worried about it?” Dwight masters his annoying burst of questions.

“We’re fine!   She’s having girl time…” my belief waffles before the words enter the world.

The minutes drag like days of mourning.   The wedding is a little more than an hour.   Families were off in the distance.  Oblivious to the situation.

Slivers of the past gnaw at my psyche.  Images fill my mind aren’t in the present.   The dance of wants to steal a moment from then strikes home.  The shape in the blue dress becomes undressed.   I revel in the embrace. She was hard, demanding, flame that burned the candle to the ground.  I choose stable, secure, loving. 

“Angels and demons both look good in a dress.” I mutter.

“That’s a little deep. Which is better the demon or the angel?”  Dwight queries my words.

“One’s easy on the heart.  One’s hard on everything else.” I talk still looking down the beach.

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16 thoughts on “Angels and Demons – Photo Challenge #118

    1. It could go a long way. The psyche of men can lead to a winding road through dangerous territory. Then add the women are friends….I have a gallon of gasoline….hmm Where’s that match? 😉 I do request darling

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