No Sacrifice



Grey clouds stream in from the blue ocean water.  The tropical humidity parts to bring cold breezes to the base of Coba.  A hundred and seventy feet above the jungle floors three figures watch the skies.

Dressed in skins, hair covered by trailing headrest with blue and green parrot feathers, Alom looks very disturbed by the scene unfolding.   He looks to Balam, his king, dressed in gold covered cloth.   His face tells the king no.   The king stays motionless.

Ixtab paces in circles around the narrow parameter of the steep pyramid.  Her gait widespread.  Her body relaxes as the herbal sedatives do the magic.   She is ignored by the men.  She is oblivious to the sky.

Alom walks to face the king.   He bows.

“My king.  The sacrifice is tainted.  The gods are not accepting her.  Your Sky  Father comes down but his fire does not reach the Earth.  I can replace her.   Not today.  Three days until next window.”  Alom nods and returns to the front of pyramid.

“Do I fly today?” A gentle voice carries into the wind. Ixtab stops her strides.

“No.  You return to me!  The Sky Father rejects you!” Alom smiles inside.  This is not the sacrifice he wanted to give up.

The trio walk to the edge of a series of foot high stones plunging below.  They nod to the crowd waiting to see their God satisfied.  With a couple waves of a red feathered fan, the news is delivered.  No Sacrifice today.


7 thoughts on “No Sacrifice

  1. Alom is happy he is not be sacrificed. I wonder how he worked it so he became an unsuitable sacrifice. But it is bad for the person who will be sacrificed in his place eventually. Nice write!

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      1. Yeah. I was thinking that when I commented intially. I saw an exhibit in Montreal on the Incas. They sacrificed but I read they often sacrificed those they fought against and captured. I think the Aztecs did similar.

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      2. They sacrificed both their own and captured. The difference was the gods and the reason. A war God would have been others. But a fertility God would be familiar. That’s the story from today’s Maya

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      3. A different “world my dear. It probably was population control on limited resources. There are no over group d water sources there. When crops failedit would have been gruesome

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      4. They sacrificed both their own and capturecxcd. The xoxo . Vxor2BkpDqB TX dif ferx c cc x x out c c. ence was the gods and the reason. A war God x c cxwould have been others. But a fertility God would be fa Dr ,miliar. T zI v 1h vhat’s the story from today’sce Maya

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