You’ll Fry

“You’ll fry!” Burger shrilly screams. 

The crowd jeers.  Frantic spectators mix anxiety and anticipation.  

Sizzles and pops fill the air as the burning starts.  Trapped in a basket as the world goes black. 

These are the final moments of a French fry 
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Opaque Window of the Soul 

Your intentions are clear 

Why do we dance around them?

Like a broke compass pointing away 

I see the working within better 

Than I see the person you present

Toying and teasing worked years ago 

Long past the point of hoping anymore 

In your mind, justification wins 

In your heart, distance breaks even 

Lost individual adrift on unseen waves 

Tides come and go beneath your world 

Yet you spiral around blaming the rocks 

You merely stayed in the same place 

Everything else surely moved

The opaque window of your 

Colors us to your disliking

One day you’ll open it and see

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Measure of A Man

Brenda stirs a glass of sweet tea.   The spoon bangs repeatedly.

“Your tea is ready.  How do you like the sweetener.” she deadpan her question. 

“It’s awful sweet.   I guess I’ll get used to it.   Dieting sucks.” Ron grabs the glass and walks back to his chair.   The exercise souls be enough in his world.

“I thought 30 grams would be enough.” Brendas voice barely audible. “How much strycnine will it take?! One more glass, maybe.”

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Her advances rejected.  

Smiles and laughs at stupid humor never noticed.

Her homemade, albeit bakery bought, treats ravaged like she wanted her to be. 

Her last attempt at avoiding be meaningless realized.  While never a pink girl, a pink 9 mm feels mighty noticable now.

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Symptoms in Grey

Chill in the air 

The distant Sun offers little

Where gentle rays once landed 
Barren land shines out

Life hides in shadows  

Melancholy day grows long

Waiting for the return of warmth 

Maybe tomorrow, today grey rules

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Translate-  Auto Correct Poetry

​Desert rains drag life back

Green dots cluster and spread 

Birds and moths dance with cactus

Winds change only in  tone

Warm air revives memories 

Sunlight brings forth color

Beneath the rain earth awakens

Originally  wrote as…..

crests rains Fahd staff like back

been does clatter Ana spread

bored and midis came work vague

wings change input in tonite

waken apps Tensions memory’s

sublime brings goreng culture

bending the train easement awakens

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Overworked on the Turn

“Turn at the third left just past the old barn.” Her words echo in my mind. 

I wearily watch the road only to find a turnabout with multiple left turns.  My mind reminds me she’s always been a turncoat.  I have cleaned up her messes and hidden the bodies enough to be overworked. 

The red and blue lights tell me that am at the right place and turning her in was way too easy. 

Beware when you overwork the wrong person. 

Part of two challenges

Six Sentence Stories 

The cue is TURN

six sentences,any genre, hop around, link yours up too , have fun!

& The daily post ” Overworked ”

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Uneven steps tease the Abyss

Cobblestones made from platitudes 

Blind my eyes, shroud my feet

I walk  in sweet oblivion

Warnings unheeded tug at me

Only fools are fulfilled by dreams

You lure me with promises

Longing to be compete calls

Echoes ring of holograms

Craters and rifts bloom like roses

The place called we, paradise 

It’s only uneven from the outside


Light always finds it’s way

There is no darkness

Just lack of seeing

Distance silver linings shine

Dark clouds don’t make dark sky

The stars never really come out

We finally see that they are there

<a href="">Shine</a>


<a href=””>Retreat</a&gt;

My heart is a free thread

Dangling from your tapestry

Feather cast against concrete

Your claws scuttle along glass

Clutching at wings longing at freedom

Two seasons mixing in storms 

Opposites in everything 

Locked in swirling mess

When I see you approach

You wonder at my retreat

Once the moth knows the flame 

Everything changes