Granny Brings Presence

Bobby pokes at his dinner of boxed lasagna.  Cooked until the outsides burnt black.  The wide noodles pale dried things curling outward with charcoal tips.

“Bobby! If you spent half the time eating as playin’ dinner would be over.” Cynthia snipes at him.

She turns her attention back to Joseph.  “Well, you have to get something.   I don’t care if you shovel shit!  Take that dock job.  You got two weeks of unemployment left.”

“I’m trying but it all that easy out there.” Joseph lowers his head and makes his food much Bobby across from him.

“What about that minute thing, Joseph?  Wasn’t there something at the bar?”  Bobby speaks with the innocence of a little boy and it hits like a brick to the face.

“Bobby!”  His mom and Joseph lash out in unison.

“Where did that come from young man?” Cynthia chimes in.

“This is bull shit.  You spying on me you little shit!” Joseph blasts out.

“You was in that fucking bar!  We ain’t got money for bills and there you are.   That’s just prefect!” Cynthia gets up from the table.   Letting everyone else to escape as well.

Cynthia lead Joseph into the living room.   A collection of couch and chairs.   Old blankets covered them all.   Dark tables strategically place to keep trash off the floor.

The conversation fell into curt  sentences working as much as Joseph.  Bitter barbs about what a man should do and retorts of why he couldn’t.   The sand will be fight overand tomorrow’s tide will rearrange it shortly.   The dance never ends and the music of discord won’t stop to leave the dancers peace.

Upstairs, a little boy waits.   He knows Granny whispered something about Joseph’s day.   His little mind worrys, did he spill a secret. He is hoping for her return….He is scared of her coming back too.  He plays a video game to kill the night like every other.

Bobby’s eyes open.   The games over.   A repetitive screen shows his character dying over and over again.   His sleepy eyes look for the clock.   Granny is sitting behind him on the bed.

Her thin mouth parts, “Bobby, your neck ain’t gonna be good son. Get on over here boy. We gotta talk about somethings.”

He puts down the controller.   He walks had down, flopping foot following flopping foot.  He sits down next to the apparition that is Granny.  Her black gown hung on skeletal frame.   Warm green eyes glow calmly.  She extends left arm around his back.

Her right arm reaches outward.  A bony finger points to a green plastic dinosaur.  The toy well worn.   Scratches, and black marks color it’s skin.

“Boy, it’s yours….  If you can pick it up.”  Granny tells him.

Bobby leans forward.  Granny pulls him up right, hard enough to make a point.

“Not with your hands boy!   Pick it up like I told you to!”  Her tone gets a little stronger.

He looks at her blinking.   He has no clue what to do.  He stares at it.  He thinks about it moving to him.   The dinosaur shakes.   He stops thinking.   It’s not right.   He knows it. He starts again.   It moves an inch, than a couple more.

“That’s it Bobby.   You put it in your lap now.” She assures him as he goes.  “That’s Sinclair.  He will be here for you.  Sinclair is special.  He’s like you.”

Bobby lifts it to his lap.   Just like he’s told.   His prideful face glows.  He feels ten feet tall.  He feels Granny’s arm  show on his back.

“Granny, was I supposed to tell Joseph about him being in the bar.  I heard you tell me about it.  I thought it was OK.  Is it ok?!”  Bobby trys to met her eyes.  Her head is turned away.

“Bobby, he needed someone to say it to him.  Your getting big.  Momma needs you sometimes.”  She disappears into the room on way to the closet.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 lay below.

5 thoughts on “Granny Brings Presence

  1. Interesting again. Granny seems to be the better force in Bobby’s life right now. She has given him the toy and shown him how to move it with his mind. She is telling him to stand up to Joseph, who needs to find a new job. I think you had commented early on Granny not being as good as she seems. I’m afraid for Bobby, he seems to be between a rock and a hard place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She will stabilize him and will help him stand up for him and mom. The teaching is just beginning. She is dark character but I want her to be closer than anyone to Bobby. I want that sympathy for him. Almost better if you are more sympathetic, you may excuse things he does later that way. Thanks darling😃

      Liked by 1 person

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