Granny tells

Bobby shivers.  A little boy looks but doesn’t look.  The figure gets closer.  Her green glowing eyes, long torso, long arms seem to stretch out the mind.  He wishes she disappears.  She doesn’t.

Granny sits on the beds edge.  Her bony elongated arm reaches around him.  Her cool touch follows by a warmed feel.  The terror of night gives way to comfort of human contact.  The contact seems human to a little boy.  He still can’t look at her.

“My little Bobby.  My babies were just like you.  Your momma cares.  She’s just overwhelmed.  She spreads herself thin.  A man, a boy, a job, ex-husband, and her family don’t like it either.  I’m here for you.  He will never touch you again.  I’ll help you, Bobby.  You’ll always have me here.”  Granny speaks softly.  Her arms bony rub against back.  It’s a little uncomfortable, but the closeness is too much to ignore.

“You know him. I mean Joseph.  Momma says he will never be between us.  I don’t know.”  Bobby looks at her.  His eyes sees the sack of bones.  The eyes deep set.  Face is hollowed.  He should be scared.  He wants to believe.  The wanting to fit in is a dangerous thing..

Granny smiles.  Broken teeth.  Line thin lips.  A nose broke but strong.  Eyes black as coal under the green glow.  Hollow spirit radiates out.  But there’s a sense of calm.  Dead calm.

“You, you are…. You are like dead. I mean, a ggghhooost?  Aren’t you?”  Bobby has a scream waiting for the answer.  Fear has made a come back.  The smell of earthworms and dirt quickly set in.  His nerves and heart jump with the taste of the air.

Granny tries to catch those eyes. She knows what’s inside him.  She can wait.  A simple smile and a strong hug.  Then nothing.  Granny has left


Part 1 if it helps…

34 thoughts on “Granny tells

  1. Your story gives me shivers. In someway the Granny wants to help Bobby. But she is terrifying him at the sametime. I don’t know if her intentions are to make Bobby feel better or to take him away into her world of death. Great job writing this.

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      1. I would like a new nose when I go, that’s all. Is that too much to ask? I broke my nose when I was young. I have a black line between my eyes and I can’t breath very well through it. And then when I haunt people like ol’ granny here they’ll be like “wow nice nose Granny! Looks good! Tea? Biscuit?” instead of getting scared and wanting to run scared.

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      2. Oh, I’m so sorry Mark, I’ve deleted my blog again. I am done with it. I’m not cut out for this any more. I will remain on wordpress to read my favs (like yours) .

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      3. I tried to get back to blogging. I just can’t do it. I’m going to sit it out now. I love reading your blog so of course I will continue to visit! 🙂 ❤

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