Bobby and Levitation – Granny Series

Bobby runs downstairs for dinner. Clutched under his arm is Sinclair, the green dinosaur.  Sinclair and Bobby hop the last stair.  Both hit the floor on their feet and proceed across a rope bound rug toward the kitchen.

Joseph looks over at the two.  He stares at the dinosaur in prefect motion.  He hears no motors.  He scratches at his half bald head.

“Bobby were did you get that thing?!  I can’t believe your mom had extra cash for that.” Joseph thinks about others money when he’s not working.

“Granny gave it to me.  She said she it’s old.” Bobby never looks at him. Rather parks the dinosaur at the foot of his chair.  

The tiny kitchen has four chairs all different colors and styles.  Bobby gets the fridge seat.  No sense in the adults having to get drinks.

Bobby grabs pops fit him and momma.  Joseph gets the beer. 

“Bobby  the damn beer  is getting good warm!”  Joseph demands the beer before he can close the door. 

Bobby looks for momma.  Not seeing her, he concentrates on the beer.  He sees it floating.  His hand barely touchs it.  He moves his hand aside and looks toward Joseph. The beer follows an invisible line.  Gently it rests before a stunned Joseph.

“That ain’t funny!  You fucking with me BOY!!  That’s witch craft!”  Joseph  squirms in his chair.  Half wanting to call Cynthia.  But what does he say…the beer floated across the room.

Bobby stands at the back of his chair looking at Joseph.  His face is blank.  His mind isn’t.  “Granny told me that things would change around here when I got better.  Am I getting better Joseph?!”

Cynthia enters the kitchen with a bag of fast fried chicken and plastic containers.   Noone speaks a word.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 lay below.

2 thoughts on “Bobby and Levitation – Granny Series

  1. Wow cool twist. I didn’t expect Bobby to levitate objects infront of people, especially Joseph. It is funny Joseph calls it witch craft, as if he’s religious enough to be the judge of that. Then again, I don’t think anyone was ever supposed to judge witch craft. But that’s aside, story coming along great!

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    1. I wanted him to reveal to Joseph. He needs to be a threat to Joseph. This moves Bobby into a power source. Granny is his anchor. The thought so far. I appreciate the feedback. Your an angel. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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