Come Closer

“Come a little closer, so I can look in your eyes.”  The voice calmly extended into the dark room.

Out of a deep sleep, the boy turns over.   The racing car bed does no other response.

“Bobby,  I said come a little closer.  So I can look at your eyes, boy.”  A granny voice raises a bit louder.

Bobby shifts on his right side.   A pale night light ten feet distant.   Red glowing numbers of an alarm clock waiting to growl.   Toys scattered.  Books nearly organized.   Window opening to a dark world outside.  No-one is there.

“You… monsters.  You can’t bother me after I’m asleep.  Mom says these are the monster rules.  No waking, no moving things, no conversations, no touching after I fall asleep!  I was asleep!  You have to go!”  Bobby sits up in bed.   He talks to the room.   Knees pulled up to his chest.   Arms tightly wrapped around them.  His eyes look down to foot of bed. 

“Bobby, we aren’t all monsters.   We are Granny, Grandpa, uncles, and aunts.  We miss little boys and girls.  And you, my little one were moving! So you were awake.   Don’t argue with Granny.  Let’s see those eyes.”  Two green eyes glow like a nightlite.  The head looking out of closet door slightly cracked open.

He meets those eyes.   They hold him still.   He wants to break free.   But can’t quite do it.  “I’ll call my mommy!   You woke me up. That’s not fair! You have to go back.”  Bobby softly speaks.

“Your mommy took her pills little Bobby.   Let her rest.   I’ll come sit by you….. just until you go back to sleep.”  The eyes start to move closer.  Long lean arms dangle from unseen shoulders.   Bony hands outlines emerge from the nightlite.  Granny is coming.

27 thoughts on “Come Closer

      1. There will be more. I have ideas to dwell on. Good scary story needs a little live mixed into the story before your rip the beating heart out barehanded. So to speak. This one feels special:-D

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, good looking forward to what’s next. That was a terribly tense moment to leave the little boy at 🙂 You have me hooked.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a test. I’m thinking of the monster under the bed story but a friendlier more gentle approach. I’m thinking short story out of this. Thanks, I really wanted to get a feel for the mood I set. Boo by and Granny have a lot to workout before it gets to the horror part.


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