Baby Wren

Carolina Wren from wikipedia

This is not Daddy but what he looks like.  At about three inches tall, he’s tiny.  His song will wake the dead.  We have four wren boxes.  He makes a nest in each one.  Then Mom checks out the digs he creates from sticks, feathers, leaves, plastic pieces, or what ever he can fly with.  Well Daddy does the work with Junior.  And shy and hide in the nest is Junior.

He cheep,cheeps a bit too.

They will spend their day eating bugs. A nice dragonfly is like steak! But my garden is patrolled regularly by Daddy.


38 thoughts on “Baby Wren

      1. We have Cardinals and Grossebeaks that come as a family. With both the males change color, they start like mom and slowly get colored like painted with a brush. The male Grossebeaks are black on top, white bellys, with a red diamond on their chest. Mom is brown. Although,not fair her lack of color, it makes the males easy targets of hunters


      2. There are hunted hawks, cats, owls, not people. I should have added that. Oops! They are one of my favorites. We have about eight pairs of them. The males have different chest patterns or color so you can tell them apart. 😊


      3. I’m at the border of country and suburb. Our 4 acres is part of a couple hundred acres woods and a golf course leafs to farm land behind me. With an industrial park across the other side, goes to an upper middle class suburb. So I have the advantage of both. I’m one hundred twenty feet to next house and four miles to the mall.


      4. I have at least thirty types of trees and shrubs. Moist are oak, maple, Ash, crabapple, and honeysuckle. I was going to try registering with Audubon society for backyard sanctuary but they wanted a map and description. I can tell a white oak from a pin oak but varieties of others go crazy with names.


      5. I can imagine there are many names for all the different trees. We don’t really have oak trees here – mostly cottonwood, elm, and whatever people plant. I have a maple (it was suppose to be a red maple but didn’t grow as one). Because my soil is so rocky, trees don’t grow very well. As far as different names for oaks I am completely lost. It’s nice that you have such a wide variety of trees.

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      6. Our land was clear cut in the 1860 and grabbed until about 1900. The back part is Hickory, oak and beech, the front is planted by someone or a squirrel. We have a bunch of stuff buried in rows. I’m sure I could not figure then all out with a book


      7. I have always been fascinated by critters. When I learned Ben Franklin wanted them as the national symbol because of their attitude, I liked them even more. 😎


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