Here be the Dragons


“The first one was a surprise…” his voice breaks down.  The mix is part agony, part excitement.

“We thought the fresh bone…well it was fake.  Plenty of dragon stories.  Myths, centuries old.   Even the movies,  the Lost World to Jurassic Park.  Dinosaurs, dragons, scary monsters living off in some dark corner.  Never did one mean finding several.   All intact, all with DNA inside.”  His voice goes again.

“Sir, am I asking what happened to Dr Tollivar?!  I don’t want a history lesson.   Where is he? And explain why you are covered in his blood.”  Deputy Phillips glares at him.  No scientist is passing on a living dragon story in his county.

“I told you.   It’s a dragon!   This is one of the forearm bones.  The ulnar, just like yours here.  They’re out there.  Feeding on each other to too!”  Professor Dewey is lead away in cuffs.

He doesn’t seem to notice.

9 thoughts on “Here be the Dragons

    1. Most cops are not bringing the sketch artist when you say dragons ate the person you are with. Thank you my dear. It reminded me of a character from a story I wrote last year. So I’m recycling characters.😀


    1. Dragon tend to be a little bit messy eater. After so many years of being hunted down they probably gave up on eating at the table and using napkins. But as the line says…after we found the first one. So there could be more. 🙃

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