Watched Over

“In the end, we all become stories.” Derisè whispers to her child. “Margaret Atwood told us.”

Her left hand rises.

“There was a hummingbird. He set forth on this world to let loose the seed of the rainbow papaya. His partner is transforming our place was the fox. The fox driven by his interest in funding something better than gooseberries no eat. Mr Hummingbird was much to fast to be eaten. The fox liked him for that.” Desirè looks down at her little grandson.

“Why didn’t he eat something else?” Peter looks up at his Granny. ” Foxes sneak and grab everything.”

“Peter, everyone has roles to play and rules they must follow.” Desirè laughs “Mother Earth is the water barrier. She spills life. This life picks and chooses how they will help out the world.”

“But how does she know the animals are following what they have to do?” Peter moves his hands waving at the stars emerging in the purple of twilight.

“If you ever see an eye looking at someone’s window, she is there.” her voice becomes a laugh “We are at peace when every animal follows the plan. It is we, that she watches.”

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Ransom – Tale Weaver 

It’s with great horror I open the door.

A note!

Unique characters. Beautifully crafted work.  Such style and grace!  Uhh…

“No! Oh,no!” My eyes bulge from their sockets. “What does it mean?! What did they take? Who are they?  Why do these evil people have such good taste in crafting a note?”

I’m horrified.   Still drawn to the pretty letters.  I’m sad.  I’m feeling a lose.  How could someone just take my most precious thing?

“What’s missing?” My mind crafts pictures

“My Commander Ren and Stimpy action figures!  These are sick people! Twisted! Deplorable!  No, they are still here on fireplace mantel.  Next to Grandfather’s mantel clock from 1896.” The pain of being lost on thought decries my voice.

“Oh snap!  It’s my leather bound set of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Oh these are ruthless sickest.  They probably parked in front of the fire hydrant too.  Or the Handicapped space.” My feet pick up the pace.

“Oh it’s still there!  What the hell did they take?!” Anger surfaces within me “Where’s my wife?  They took Collen! Oh,they’ll return her in about two hours.  Unless she’s bound and gagged.  Then I have the afternoon free.”

“Who are you talking too!” A voice comes through a door.

“Oh, I thought you were kidnapped.  I had this note.  My most precious is gone.  I can’t figure out what it is?  Isn’t this crazy?”  I try to reason with her

“You idiot!  The dog!  They took the dog!”  She reminds me in a very hostile way.

“Oh that’s what’s missing?  Well, they get in touch.  It says so right here on the note.” I’m relieved.


Photo credit: Louise

“Squirrel! Come on!  Come on!  UGGH! He’s gone..” Buddy drops his nose.  At least get a whiff.
“Easy! Calm down Buddy.  Ripping off my arm shortens the walk. There are other squirrels.”  Mike tries to look at the park between tugs.

“Ssssshhhh! There’s another, stop. Stay still. Ok, slowly walk to the left.  Come on!  Move it!  His back is turned.  We can get him.” Buddy leans and begins to drag his human 

“Easy!  Easy! Buddy! We don’t want to get bit on the nose again do we?”  Mike sees the squirrel too.

“I’ll behave.  Really!  Just a bit closer!” Buddy speaks between panting.  Leaning hard enough to not need his front feet on the ground any more.

Mike looses the lead. Buddy is off like a shot.

“Buddy stop!  Now! Buddy!  Buddy!”  Mike yells as he tries to run after the dog.

Barking tells him where Buddy went.  Behind a grove of trees, a circle of squirrels  have their query in sight.

“You think it’s funny chasing us!” The leader steps toward him.

Buddy looks side to side barking.  They have caught him.  

Mike looks at the squirrels and his dog.  “He has got to be the dumbest animal ever.  Just like last time he got bit.”

The squirrels see the human and bounce off like they are innocent critters.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at


Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at
Tumbleweed paced around the old cars.

He looked inside at the interior. Then got spooked by the image in the side mirror. The horse in the mirror run away from the car too.

‘Hmmm, they put them car things out to pasture. I wonder how that other horse fit in that tiny place.   The humans are so strange.  At least, they left room to rub up against those pieces on front and back’

Tumbleweed looks around the corral.  No sign of that other horse.  He sighs.



Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Details,can be found at

“Mom left me again.” Buddy wags his tail. “Where’s she going?   I could have stayed in the back seat. I want to hang my head out thewindow…..Now I’m with
Jake and Buster.”

Buddy turns his head.   Jake and Buster have a pull toy.   They are tugging trying to pull it away.   Buddy turns back to see if Mom is coming back yet.    Buddy lays down and barks.

“This works in the back yard” He wags his tail a little.

Jake comes over and drops the pull toy on his back.   Then runs to the fence post to pee.

“Jake, class act…all the way!”  Buddy rollls his eyes.

“Buddy, she isn’t coming.   Get over there and play.   You’ll feel better.   You know you can’t relay on people.  Them and their kids….it’s all about taking time away from us. I mean can a kid fetch anything? They are useless.  Ok, they feed us their food.  But what’s that worth?  They aren’t eating it anyway.”

“Whatever!   She’ll be back for me!  She likes me.   I’m a rescue.”  Buddy keeps his vigil going.

“Hey, maybe she’ll liter box train you too.  You sound like a cat!   Get a hold of yourself!   You’re a dog!   Act like one! ” Jake grabs the pull toy and runs off.

“Ooooohhhh, she had to come back.   Wait, did he just call me a cat?!  That son of a bitch!”  Buddy runs off to catch Jake.  He’ll show him which one is like a cat.

Tommi takes on Wild Turkey

I have no pictures of the encounter.  But these are the participants.  Above weighing in at 7 1/2  pounds is Tommi Girl, defender of the household, Queen of her domain,  fuzzy ruler of the backyard, fifteen years old.  Below, Tess Turkey, thirty pounds worth of bad ass bird.  Notorious territorial, secretive, elusive, well not so much any more.

I have three cats in the yard.  I’m pulling weeds.  I have a handful of weeds and partial behind an above ground pond.  I turn Tommi is eyeballing the turkey.  She is clucking at the cat.  Turkeys apparently cluck to warning something they are nervous.  Tommi is staying put.  I am within twenty five feet of the turkey myself.  I start to collect cats.  I grab the two other cats, leaving Tommi.  I’m thinking a bird four time her weight, three times taller than her……she wouldn’t try nothing.

Well, I turn after throwing two cats in.  I’m expecting the door, me, the cat staring the turkey down will all lead to the secretive bird flying off.  The turkey struts away from the cat clucking faster.  The cat starting slinking after the turkey.  The two fast walk fifty feet.  I’m thinking the bird is going to stop and peck the hell out of my cat.  Turkeys have gone after people!  Tommi gets within ten feet.  I swing in and pick her up.  The turkey stares at the cat.  As I take Tommi in the turkey follows us to the bird feeder.  She is thought to have poulets in the woods.  But from inside Tommi went to her window looking a lot like this


Baby Wren

Carolina Wren from wikipedia

This is not Daddy but what he looks like.  At about three inches tall, he’s tiny.  His song will wake the dead.  We have four wren boxes.  He makes a nest in each one.  Then Mom checks out the digs he creates from sticks, feathers, leaves, plastic pieces, or what ever he can fly with.  Well Daddy does the work with Junior.  And shy and hide in the nest is Junior.

He cheep,cheeps a bit too.

They will spend their day eating bugs. A nice dragonfly is like steak! But my garden is patrolled regularly by Daddy.