Dinosaurs are from Connecticut

Photo Credit: Yinglan

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/fffaw-05-17-16

“Daddy!  Look its Dino!” Alistair yells from his car seat.

“There are big ones too!  The truck says they’re from Connecticut.   You know who lives there?”  Dads voice has singing tone.

“Grammy lives there!  Are they all really old there?  Why doesn’t she have one, Daddy?”  The little guy queries.

“She scares them.  They all ran off.  She was out there with rollers in her hair and a frying pan.  I think they got in her garden once.”  Daddy calmly explains.

“Is that like Mommy says my other Grammy scares away the dead?”  Alistair replies.

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