A Question

“What would happen if you could get what you wanted? And it was free of cost and strings…” Gloria choose a quiet moment to bring this up.

Around us, a warehouse with a scattered few others.   Plenty of hiding spots.   The prefect time for two people to drop out of sight.

I look her over.   My mind is confused.   The question, is it a question?  She couldn’t be really asking what I think… her shoulder length hair is too short to twirl but her left hand is anyway.  Her glasses slide a little down the nose, just enough to look over them.  It hides her eyes right afterwards too.  She is cute, not that I paid attention to all her assets before this.

The male psyche is highly trained to blow this moments in spectacular flaming crashes.  The right is actually doing this.   Here? Now? The heart pumps blood the wrong way for an intelligent decision.  The pause is more deadly than no answer. Unseen eyes reach for answer.  Empty ears wait to receive their answer.

“There’s so many ways and places to go with that thought.  It’s a spontaneous thing.   Grab it and go with it.” I try for a smile.   Not a stupid he’s never donee this before smile. But a happy idiot smile.   Damn,that’s the wrong one.  Too late! I await Fates kind rescue.

“You’re about to make me so happy.   Just kind of go down there.   I’m sneaking out for a few minutes.   Thanks for covering for me!”  Gloria’s eyes light up.  

With a giant hug, I’m left behind.   I’m an idiot.


5 thoughts on “A Question

  1. This is quite funny Mark. The misunderstanding btw male and female when they talk. And a great representation of a guy who is trying his best to say the right thing, and ends up not going with the girl. He gave her advice but, gets left behind. Well done 🙂

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