Get Up Now

“The box says it time to feed me.  I’ve been staring at you for hours.  I’ve poked your pillow with my claws.  It makes that sound you really hate. …. You can get up and feed me now.  Really….. You aren’t just going to sleep there all day, are you?…  Great.   I’ll just reach out the paw again.  Hmmm, maybe a loud purr.  Paw to the hair, why didn’t I think of that earlier!  Hey, you’re awake!  Meow.  Meeeeooooow.”  Ella Rams her head aganist a semi conscious  human.

“Ella! It’s 6:45! You sleep all day. An hour of sleep once a week!  You sleep all day.” Paula looks into the eyes of a wild looking animal, hungry wild animal.

“I’ll just stare at you then!” Ella quiet cat voice responds.

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