Strangers Waiting for the Plane 

“My friend, we will be here awhile.”  A voice travels to my ear.

I have no friends here.   I’m in lay-over purgatory.  I turn to see a bright smiling face.   A rather Foriegn face but charming British accent. 

“I’m sorry… I was starting at people and didn’t realize who you were talking to.  They told me four hours ago, this flight is the most timely they run.   Travel is hell.” I try to figure the nice man out.  

We simply don’t act this way at home.  My God, he could be a terrorist, or a religious nut, or run a foreign money scam.   The news of full of these types in other countries. 

“Travel is like a present.   You think you know what will be inside.   Then like a flower it opens… simply amazing what happens.   We seldom believe what we know not.” His hands gesture something popping up out of box.   I hate to fly alone. You seem much better than most here.  Calm to the outside.  At least.”

I turn to catalog his features. Dark eyes,  softly set amongst richly tan skin.   Dark hair well controlled at ear length with a bushy mustache.  His crisp cotton shirt  almost glows white.  He has one small carry on bag.  

“I returning from finding a brother who thinks the world is a grand adventure.  He found simple things aren’t simple in other places. I’ll be the first to tell him how wrong he is…” My voice falters.   Why am I telling a stranger this?

“He is good to have you.  Someone to go when he needs. I have to deliver things to family.   I’m the only one who has the time.” His dark eyes lock into me. “I will find other things.  Make this a real trip for me.”

“Oh.  You been to the States before?” My mind erupts.  A real live terrorist.   There’s a bomb not even five feet away from me.

“No. The place scares me.  Kilometers to travel.  We do not drive like that.   But must see something.  When I deliver this, I am then free. Free to travel.” His smile is truly a master weapon. 

I freeze.   What dies one say you a mad killer. 

“Where are you going?  I have traveled a bit.” I fake friendliness.   My eyes look for security personnel.   

“You are tense all of a sudden.   I will be in Seattle.  We are on the same flight.  I didn’t mean to…. cause you any discomfort.  Strangers sometimes want their space.”  He smiles that damn friendly smile. 

“I’m sorry.   I’m a bit tired.   Didn’t mean to push you away. ”  My lies get deeper.  

He sits foward and speaks  “I’ll return.”

I watch him walk over to a security person bag in tow.  They smile and talk.   The smiles disappear. They both look my way. 

I’m no terrorist! 
Written as part of a challenge called Tale Weaver

32 thoughts on “Strangers Waiting for the Plane 

  1. Enjoyed the twisting tale — just who is the terrorist? Who is more dangerous? Obviously you!
    Just read this — thanks for participating.
    I had a similar experience with a man with Charles Manson eyes on a long train trip. Language a barrier with the woman and children across the aisle, but when the madman got up — she sent her son to stretch out on the seats across from me, blocking his access. Guess, madmen look like madmen even if the language across the aisle is from another world.

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    1. It’s a question of how we define things. A friendly person sees a buttoned up person as strange and vice versa. I have been possessed by a psycho magnet. They are magically attracted and seek me out in places. I can understand the mad man through years of experience dealing with them. My parents cursed me with patience.🙂


      1. As I wait for my train home, I escaped mad woman. With my mental health issues, I understand the crazies. I used to work for social services and always knew when the moon is full. Some times I have been the patient sort. Depends on how crazy I am.

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      2. It’s a curse! Patience is over rated. I have always thought the Full Moon really had an effect on people. But my cynical side wonders if its a convenient reason to act out.


      3. I think at one time the full moon was blamed for screw up sleep patterns. But as we all (most of us) live indoors, you would think that can’t be it


      4. My circadian rhythms are backwards — more awake at 10 pm than 10 am — no better or worse for the waxing and the waning.
        I can see when the moon was the light by which we lived our lives.
        But then what about the Artic months when the sun never sets. Seems to me the Inuit, et. al. are a pretty stable bunch.

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      5. Actually, there is a 24 hour Sun effect as well. People that aren’t local have really hard time with it. The week of constant daylight also has a ton of 20+ hour days.


      6. Oh, I know from folks who moved North to work. Takes a few years to acclimatize. I was thinking of the native peoples of the Artic circle and their adaptation to 24 hours of sun and 24 hours of dark. Moonless and sunless.

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      7. The native Alaskans can’t buy or possess alcohol. A pint bottle can fetch $100 or two years in jail. So it has an effect that needs treatment


      1. Oh gosh, yes! Five hours would be absolutely miserable. I think at airports, the eating places are so use to people being in a hurry that they make food quickly and you eat quickly, leaving hours to have to sit and wait and do nothing.

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      2. Or you can sit and enjoy $12 drinks. Some places actually have great service but the food is not always the best. They know you are held hostage there.


      3. If you leave then you need to be screened. I had 4 hours in Dallas and was going to do the cab ride to restaurant thing. The TSA guy at the exit told me there was no way I could get to any1mark plave besides a fast food place and make it back to my flight. Airports aren’t built in places when people eat


      4. Yes, I can understand that. When my daughter was a little girl, we were at the Dallast/Ft. Worth airport with a very long layover. We went and rode on the trains they have there and we had a blast! Haha! That was a long time ago.

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      5. There’s also plans to keep a minimum waiting time. To best assess risk were should be in line at least 40 minutes. Your actions of nervousness or agitation show up then. Someone studied this


      6. We were lucky. She’s to young to get full retirement. But once her knee is healed, we be hiking. Our long airplane trips are gone, but overnight trips to Canyon and Monument Valley area already in the works


  2. Haha I like this one a lot this is very funny, he thinking the other guy is a terrorist abc then it turning on him as the guard and guy talk, looking at him as if HE were the terrorist. I’m pretty sure you or character would be fine, blond hair blue eyes kind of deal, usully means your not a terrorisf, hopefully, there is never any doubt. Cheers my friend 🙂

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    1. Actually the American history says I’m more dangerous. Home grown terrorists have killed more than foreign. But I loved the juxtaposition of how we view others and what is normal. Thank you darling ☺

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