10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 

      1. The area is really open to explore. It can seem like you are first person to ever see dime of the things. There is no trash. Once you’re on a trail, there is little ruts from ATV’S, bikes, or 4 wheel drives.


      2. I think it’s you have no where to accumulate stuff on the way there. You have to bring it with you and it is not right of the road. You have to want to go to some of these places


  1. Gorgeous, I can imagine trying to paint scenes like this. I’m more of a people or still life painter, but I have seen fantastic artists painting scenes like this with such a painterly and alive style. I can imagine how hard it would be to show the move,end of the water. Greatvpicture taking, you have beautiful scenery around your new home!

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