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Happy three-lining!
When the signals came to Earth, we found we were not alone in the universe.  In a rare moment of unity, mankind pitched in together to provide what was needed to ensure everything went well.  The weapons will be launched simultaneously when the orb crosses the orbit of Mars.

59 thoughts on “Orb – Three Line Tales

      1. We attack who we think we can beat, and find allies to beat someone bigger than us. Getting along, is left in the dust. Of course,that’s our history so far.


      2. That was the beginning of the American Revolution. We started to rebel against the British. And the French were all too happy to have an allies. So they started giving weapons and layer sent troops, ships and more weapons


      3. The British had really great navy and army. The French and Indians taught the American colonies how to deal with nicely organized troops. Guerrilla warfare.


      4. Yep! They didn’t see it as anything but self preservation. It was highly effective because larger troops needed a bigger area to work in formation. The British were easy targets dressed in red.


      5. I imagine they were easy targets dressed in red! Geez, you would think they would be smart enough to have dressed in a different color. I also imagine that fighting in formation does take a lot more room.

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      6. The idea of red coats was you couldn’t see if you hit the soldier when you shot them. So waves of men moving into gun fire was supposed to look invincible They weren’t going to give that up for a few puny colonies


      7. Yeah, if you know how to spell write. 😉 We were most literate nation but by 13 you were working somewhere. Mill works and iron works were big places for kids. Machines crude as they were needed little hands and bodies to clear.


      8. Actually there would have been lumber mills, but I was thinking more textiles mills. But they were paper mills, grain mills, anything was made usually had the word mill added to it


      9. Yes, but it would have been thicker. More like parchment. The pamphlet was the way the colonies spread word of the revolution. Paper was taxed as newspapers, so we played with definitions on what was under the “stamp tax”. Newspapers and books were taxed before the revolution. But pamphlets they were new concept being small and not regularly published.


      10. It was the first time they were used as political tools. They were more religious trinkets. But the colonies had a lot of people who could read.


      11. Yes and it loses reasons why things happened. It’s place blame after the fact as we become politically correct. The problem is history is politically correct at the time it happens. We change our values and justify this who came before us. My view. 😉


      12. Me if the rest of the world would go along with that. I had a History professor who said history offends everyone at sometime every culture was a victim or perpetrator.


    1. Especially, if they use the line “We come in Peace”! After all the Earth being invaded movies. You know aliens are hostile. The thought they could travel vast distances to get here might tell you they could probably smash us like a bug. But we would band together for war. 😀

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      1. Absolutely. Haha the worst and well actually best alien movies is Attack from Mars. It’s such a spoof but Michael J Fox, Blossom, Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson etc are all in it 🙂

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