School’s Out for Summer


The lemonade stand!  These girls.   Entrepreneurs in training.  Hawking their lemonade to passers-by’s.  Fifty cents a cup for an American Traditional summer scene.  It may be Kool-aid.  It might be part of a garage sale. But nothing is more a sure sign of the world having its priorities straight, then this.

As a kid, I did this. They will never move on to delivering newspapers.  That’s an adult thing, if your town has a daily paper still.    But an slice of tradition peers past an Xbox, video game, the TV.


3 thoughts on “School’s Out for Summer

  1. When you’re really thirsty and you spot a couple kids running a lemonade stand on a walk or whatever. It’s great to get hydrated but also good because you remember doing the same thing and know whatever they are raising money for is an important cause whether it be charity, or towards a new bike, or summer vacation money etc. Lovely snippet.

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