Blueberry Lemon Orange Smoothie – Best Yet

We are going back to the drawing board on the first week of smoothie making.  What have we learned?  They need more fluid than you think, unless you drink them right away.   The protein is a necessity for keep you full, but there’s a little adjustment in the tummy.  But lemons and blueberries are back for Day 8!

The mad scientist list:

One Orange

Two Lemons

Two cups of frozen Blueberries (Berry Mix)

Two handfuls of Mixed Greens

Two tablespoons Flaxseed or Protein Powder.

One cup Green Tea

The Mixed Greens and Green Tea should be blended until smooth.  The orange and lemons are peeled and sectioned.  Add the fruit together and blend smooth.  Add the protein powder and blend a third time.  This receipe made 52 ounces (1.6liters).  This is best thing to come out of my blender!!

52 thoughts on “Blueberry Lemon Orange Smoothie – Best Yet

    1. It’s actually very good. The lemon isn’t strong, it blends with the orange. If you like blueberries, it’s really good. Using almond milk would probably cover some of the citrus.


      1. That would be a problem. There are all kinds of mixes out there. The book I have goes between green and citrus. Not much middle ground. So I’ve mixed receives. That and I don’t go to the store each day.


      2. The taste of the milks makes them heavy tasting. I’m happier with lighter taste. The coconut milk isn’t as strong tasting and with the calorie count it should be. It’s all fat.


      3. Neither did on. I stayed mixing up something with lite coconut milk and 11.5 ounces has over 300 calories and all from fat. There isn’t even much coconut in it either


      4. I was disappointed with it. The coconut water is really goodand it had coconut pieces. That the way to go. Goya has a can for about $1 that makes two smoothies.


      5. If you grow in sand or the percolite mixes, some plants don’t get enough minerals. It could happen. But the taste of fresh picked versus shipped across the country has something to do with it


      6. Fortunately the Senate is making sure we’ll never know what’s in the food.. it’s scary to think potatoes and salmon aren’t labeled and we don’t deserve to know their origin. But steak is labeled which country it comes from.


      7. Any meat besides salmon has to say what country produced it. No other food is required to say if it’s natural or GMO in origin. Some states have passed laws that require the GMO’S to be labelled, but only three I know do. Salmon is technically a food item now, much like processed meat and cheese


      8. FDA says salmon aren’t technically fish, this allows GMO product to be sold. Why they think something with fins,scales and gills aren’t fish is beyond me. Somewhere around Halloween (fittingly) they allowed for GMO salmon to be sold in grocery stores and restaurants. Crazy, but true. There are traces of GMO corn and wheat in most products already. They aren’t technically allowed to include them in US food market yet.


      9. That’s crazy that they say that Salmon technically isn’t fish! It makes me wonder if they are creating a “fish” that isn’t fish and calling it Salmon. You know, how they can “create” a beef roast by clumping beef together (or pork, or turkey) and calling it a roast? Maybe they are doing that with fish that “technically isn’t fish.” Does that make sense?

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      10. Yes it does. It’s possible your beef roast may not be all cow in the future. They can do a lot already. If the ranchers could make enough money and reduce disease while growing cattle faster it’ll happen


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