Citrus Mix

Citrus mix is the flavor de Jour.  I looked at the fridge.  The pile of protein available if you wish to add it,   And here is the Citrus mix smoothie!  

Mad Scientist List:

Two medium Lemons

Four Clementines 

One cup of Red Grapes 

Two handfuls green mix

1 1/2.Cups Almond Milk

Two  Tablespoons Lime Cherry powder

One medium Apple
Blend the Almond Milk and greens til smooth.  Add the Lemons and Clementines, blend smooth.  The Apple and Grapes added under liquified.  The lime cherry pre-workout protein is added last.  Other protein can be added, flaxseed powder can be used instead.

Blueberry Lemon Orange Smoothie – Best Yet

We are going back to the drawing board on the first week of smoothie making.  What have we learned?  They need more fluid than you think, unless you drink them right away.   The protein is a necessity for keep you full, but there’s a little adjustment in the tummy.  But lemons and blueberries are back for Day 8!

The mad scientist list:

One Orange

Two Lemons

Two cups of frozen Blueberries (Berry Mix)

Two handfuls of Mixed Greens

Two tablespoons Flaxseed or Protein Powder.

One cup Green Tea

The Mixed Greens and Green Tea should be blended until smooth.  The orange and lemons are peeled and sectioned.  Add the fruit together and blend smooth.  Add the protein powder and blend a third time.  This receipe made 52 ounces (1.6liters).  This is best thing to come out of my blender!!

Banana Berry Almond Smoothie – Day 6


We are running at full speed in Smoothie Land!  The receipes are getting easier because I can understand what the product will look like now.  The process is explained differently in each book or post.  First thing learned after one week of use, blend greens with liquid.  Once the green liquid is smooth add protein or powder supplement.  We now have good looking smoothies!  Well, it helps!
Today’s Mad Scientist List:

One cup Blueberries

One Frozen Banana

One cup Red Grapes

Eight Strawberries (quartered)

Two handful greens (Spinach and Spring Mix)

One and half cups Almond Milk

One Tablespoon Flaxseed Powder

One Tablespoon Chia Seeds ground

First step, take greens and Almond milk and blend smooth.  Add the proteins and blend thirty seconds.  The fruit comes next!  For best look, cut grapes in half.  I’m ok with a little bits in smoothie. As in picture above, strawberries and banana are in chunks.  This all blends in under a minute to a fairly smooth apparence.  This receipe will produce about 35 ounces (1.1 liters).

After several smoothies, I have the following advice.  If you don’t like an ingredient, say Mango.  The Mango Lime Smoothie won’t taste good.  As much as I like to think you can dress up a smoothie to mask things.  Think lipstick on a pig!  It might look slightly better but it’s still the same.  My heartfelt recommendation for first week are Banana Orange, Pineapple Orange, and Banana Coconut.  I can’t rate today’s receipe.  I drink these the next day.  It may change overnight.  They do tend to thicken up in the fridge.  

As far as weight loss, I’m not thinking much has changed.  The pants are a little loose but not much.  We are trying.