Cat House


The rule was to remind the humans to whom they answered.  It was a reminder that the big cats would look down on them.  Stone cat tower stood at ten stories.  The front door made to be brushed open with the nose.  The piercing eyes on both sides made it clear who could live there.

Servant humans stood by to keep the place tidy.  The floors would never be covered in fur, lest there be a paw to an unkind place.  Snarling expressed enough displeasure to resolve most issues.  But today was a different case.

“Maurice, the turkey pate was lacking the proper sauce!  Simply not acceptable.  Eat it!  Get down on the ground.  Lick it all up, now!”  Zelda twitched her long tail at him. “I am your queen!  Do it now!”  She throws in a snarl.

“Zelda, please I’ll get the sauce.  I’ll be right back.” Maurice bows and backs up.

“Silence!  I have spoken! Bad human! Bad human!  Get your ass over here!  You know what you did wrong.” Zelda bares a fang.

Maurice drops his head.  Slowly he walks over, not straight line but a slight curve.  His head curls to look at her, but not make eye contact.

“Sorry, it’ll never happen again.” Maurice starts to explain.

A roar cuts him short.  The left paw catches him behind the ear.  He tumbles forward headfirst into the stone floor.  Zelda’s paw scratches the cardioid artery.  In a minute, he’s a bloody mess on the floor.

“Damn it!  Now I’ll here to get another human.  I hope the shelter has one.” Zelda twitches her tail in disgust

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