From the kids say the darnest things file. Here’s a junior author that may be able to out write half of us! Please refer comments to his site. Thanks! 😎

Short Stories for Kids (by a kid)

The Boy Who Changed the World

Another day in ‘La Petit Maison’ boarding school. Same lessons, same food and same everything.

The school feast was happening now. The Headmaster had to award the House shield and everyone was very excited, except Dink. He knew it wasn’t their House which was going to win.

But out of the blue, the Headmaster, spoke the word “BADGERS !” It was Dink’s house.

He was more excited than anybody in the whole school. But sadly, a tragedy struck. The same evening a letter arrived about his grandmother.

It read :

“ Dear Dink,

I have some sad news for you. Your grandmother who was suffering from health problems is no more. But before dying she told me to give you these spectacles. Her last words were ‘ Use it well !’


Your Well Wisher”

Dink’s heart was filled with sorrow.

“My well wisher?…

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