Footsteps echo down the aisle.   The cold air vibrates with their hollow sound.   Two bodies searching for one. The one becomes restless.   She senses their purpose.  They know it too.

The triangular knobs spin.   Hologram of FA-FOL hovers over the gap as the rows spilt.  She’s awake six down on the left.  Her arms thrash inside a straight jacket.   Her ability to fight is well known.  Her vision interupted. Figurine cased in white cotton cloth with nothing but flashing eyes visible.

“We need you to tell us” the black suit shouts

She stares.

“We’ll sedate you.  And get it that way.   Your choice!”

“You can’t.  I’ll lose the vision.   Freedom or they destroy you.” Her voice is calm.

“Remember psychics don’t run free any more.  Stick her.” The black suit steps back and waves.

Part two…