Exploring My World – V bar V ranch

These are some of the 1032+ identified petroglyphs at V bar V ranch. The historical site is located right off I17 at the southern exit to Sedona. It’s east of the freeway by about 1 mile.

The V bar V was one of many ranches in the area. The family preserved the petroglyphs and donated the land. Red Rocks pass (same pass used around Sedona) can be purchased here. Its a level trail that is about 1500 feet from parking lot to petroglyphs. Morning sun will get you best pictures. And don’t wait till afternoon the hours are limited. They are open Friday thru Monday, 9AM to 3PM

Reblog -Social Documentary Photography – Protests & Celebrations In Indonesia

Independent Documentary Photographer and  Freelance Photojournalist Aji Styawan is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography .   To see Aji’s portfolio, projects and photographs click on any image.                     See also: Portraits Editorial By Aji Styawan   Back to HOME PAGE