Sunday Whirl – Milling Dreams

Blindly wandering through the drizzle, my bad dream puts me in the middle of two hills. The gloom lifts to reveal a mill. I pause before I knock on the door. The door swings open. There stands a trim man dressed as a king.

My mouth opens but words fail to emerge.

Suddenly an alarm changes everything.


Sunday Whirl – Personalities

You challenge me with a route teeming with pretense. I should jump at the dearth of shock you attempt. How is it possible one could care so lightly? Not as individual drug, nor bulk helps to deal with you.

Ambitious- wordle 320

I struggle with my fringe power. It’s mysteries swirl then list like shooting star. My brain storms new roads to charge down. At last comes a sigh. I have gone nowhere.

Sunday Whirl – Gambling

A bag of answers laugh at me. I’ll reflect upon the smoke of my options left bare. Agents of misfortune band together casting their stones back at my direction.

Time to leave blackjack tables.

Sunday Whirl – Surprised

Color burst surfaced in my mind. A punch to the throat mixed with wrapping chains. I simmered.

“What kind of nut?” I labeled him, as if it matters now.

Sunday Whirl – Sailing


Nothing born upon the mean sea carrys.  Poor vessels beams shake. No more than a string of the balloon following the cares of the prick.

Loss of Face -Sunday Whirl

The skin off my face flees. Scorn brutally digs at what was once me. The need for cream provides no salve. I hold a storm until my inner poet releases the pain.

Interior Design – Sunday Whirl meets Wordle

Wordle #139 “January 23rd, 2016”


1. Bed

2. Pupa (An insect in the non-feeding, usuallyimmobile, transformation stage between thelarva and the imago.)

3. Pleonasm (Noun- The use of more words thanare necessary to express an idea; redundancy.)

4. Image

5. Nose

6. Sear

7. Mice

8. Collect

9. Grab

10. Ward

11. Triptych (Fine Arts. a set of three panels orcompartments side by side, bearing pictures,carvings, or the like. A hinged, three-leavedtablet, written on, in ancient times, with stylus.)

12. Pin

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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Sunday Whirl

The Earth gave birth to a ward full of mice.  Collected in the light.  Their noses grabbing at images portraying hope and heavy burdens.  A faded triptych copes to stay pinned above the bed.  

We can not touch the ideas resting like pupa. Everyone sees it. Pleonasm is rampant here