Bad Choices

Julian looked over at an empty walnut box.  She wasn’t supposed to suffer.   She was mixed with her sculpture new.   None of this went as planned.  He had become an empty box as well.

He had become a killer.   Can’t undo that now. It was simple plan.   Jimmie brought it up.  Brake lines fail, no-one would be the wiser.   We had a deal.  He renegotiated terms but didn’t bring the gun.   He lost the gun below the damn, washed away to rust   Left Jimmie in the woods.   Celeste is in the ground.   No loose ends left.  

Julian looks over at the metal thing.   Sighs and goes back in the house.   What to do next? Her things keep her alive here.  

“Got to get rid of that stuff.  It’s like she’s waiting here for me.  Come out, come out where ever you are!  No ghost will get Julian”he starts to laugh. .  His hair is still standing on his neck.

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