Caution:Dark Money Boycott Material Inside

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another

This is how we started. We are surrounded by corporations today control your first cup of coffee to your pillow you put your heads down upon at night. They provide necessary things… They take away necessary things as well. The question is how much power do they have and how sure are you about that.

Power of the Purse is simple idea. Dark money (untraceable donations) controls the political landscape. It affects both sides of the aisle. It had produced a network of twisted loops on who gave what. We needed a clear transparent access to political donations. We control what we spend where and when. Messages in financial strength tend to get noticed. Please consider this.

If you can agree with these few simple problems for the average citizen, help us share the message that we may inspire change.

Dark money has more power than an individual’s votes do.

Corporations have a much more favorable tax rate than the middle class and they kept all their available deductions

Transparency is essential to knowing who is supporting what messages; therefore, all corporate donors identified and special interests requied to disclose whether their funds are originated.

Their influences of the political world will create budget short falls that in most recent budget. These calls for $1.5 trillion cuts to SSI benefits, $1.5 trillion to Medicare benefits, the defunding of veteran programs implemented in spring 2018, the calling for selling off US government assets including the Veterans Administration & US Postal Service to private entities. It enters your benefits you either paid into or gave up you’re life to serve. Its about profits versus fair share. You vs them. Which side are you on?



These are some of the largest political contributors. They do contribute some to both parties, however, usually favor Republican candidates.












Please note some of these are chains or franchises. Local businesses will get a bump out of this. Keep the money locally & keep jobs locally too.

Won’t you stand with us. We are a few hundred now but looking to add right in your neighborhood. No dues. No requests for your time. Unless you would help by sharig this on your favorite…hell we’ll be happy with your list favorite Social media.


Bigger threat Trump or Muslims?

My television is being held hostage!  I have been drawn to reruns.  The news organizations (corporate held, profit driven entities) are playing on our fears and anxieties.  Fortunately, the ads include pharmaceutical cures for a variety of these anxieties or depression resulting from the “news”.

If you are blessed to have no tv that is based in US, you may not know this but a candidate called for banning all Muslims from entering the US.  He has inspired talk of camps for Muslims.  You know detaining millions of people who live peacefully and contribute to the fabric of the nation.  It should be noted, the European forefathers stole this land fair and square from the Native American Indians for the purpose of religious freedom.  Following this historical fact, we can logically see that non European foreigners coming here from religious freedom must be terrorists!

That just can’t be real.  We are a nation of immigrants.  We welcome more people from more countries than any other.  What makes people scared are we don’t know these new people.  When the Serbians and Croatians came here in the 1990’s, no one said they were terrorists.  When Rwanda was the source of refugees, nothing.  Russia? Nope, not a sleeper cell there.  China? Maybe the students are spys!  You know twenty somethings and freedom in a new culture can’t be normal.  But let’s get to the point, there are from the Middle East.

The real answer is, so what?  People have fled prosecutors legal governments and religious based to end up here.  We can’t just say all of those kind are bad.  I must tell you that I have no expertise in terrorist finding.  Neither does the guy with the weird hairdo (must be toupe) and billions to spend on fear.  Fear sells!  Why because if I worry about things, then I need answers on these things.  Simple plan answers with no messy reality to explain how it can be accomplished.

Several problems exist here.  Much like everywhere else.  We have allowed people the chance to start over here.  The same people who find a Muslim couple on a killing spree with a couple emails (one way, them sending stuff to ISIL) as a threat to national security forget a couple weeks earlier.  A Christian man shot up a Planned Parenthood Clinic in a Pro-Life stand.  No call went out to hold all Christian people in a detention camp in a remote place until we knew we were safe from them.  We have had other attacks like 9/11, but we also had Oklahoma City by a domestic former military terrorist.

  We are still the safest place to live.  We will see more attacks.  But both foreign and domestic terrorist attack!  Bad people with no real working life plans tend to get found at the scene of bad things.  Banning all guns.  Banning all foreigners.  Banning books! Banning furry bunnies!  None of these things have or will ever work.

My explanation. 

 Gun control doesn’t remove illegal guns.  People with money and connections “find” things.  Bomb making is an old practice.  Gun powder is ready available here.  Gasoline is easy to get.  Caustic chemicals can be mixed to start fires easily.  Weapons are hard to remove from the equation.

Religion doesn’t breed terrorism.  People breed them.  If we let a million people in, some may have bad intentions.  The odds are less than one percent will even be a minor problem.  Strange looking and strange acting people stick out.  It’s not like the couple that launched the terrorist attack in California was known to be hellbent on our destruction.  They had fairly normal lives, in a fairly normal apartment with a small child.  So if we lock up the normal looking Muslims that live like the rest of us…..then America will be safe, right?  Are we really this stupid?  

Tomorrow the sun will rise in the East.  People will say there are problems.  A politician running for office with an idea is dangerous.  They never have a complete plan to address the problem.  The people listening don’t ask them for it.  They blame who ever was in charge for not doing anything about it.  It’s easy to bitch.  It’s hard to run for office on concrete ideas.  The American public likes thirty second attack ads.  Tomorrow, we will meet the enemy of freedom….and much like a Twilight Zone episode, we have meet the enemy and it is us.