GlobalWarming Mass Murdering Mosquitoes?! reblog

I saw a post about mosquito killing  caribou in the artic.

Cheese, Please


In a tiny little town on the Ohio and Indiana border is the secret to a happy life. Natural cheese! Yes, in it’s dairy goodness lies all you need to feed body and soul. Ok, most of what you really want to feed your body. It’s loaded in protein, and the fat part makes it easier to eat and taste better. This is an Amish area with grass fed cows.


Painted as any tourist trap should be. Meaning as unnatural as possible, It’s dark grey exterior makes the word cheese visible from about a mile out. It’s in farm country, no farmer would pay for this color! The Amish farms that supply the cheese blend in to the landscape. Some even have electric lines going to the house. Only the livestock and buggy by a barn let’s you know who is who.

These people don’t but into organic. They raise their livestock as simply as possible. No hormones make it into the cheese. It would ruin their rep doing their people. A much stronger symbol than a green organic circle. If you made it yourself is the only way it’s fresher or better.

First you need to grab the door handle. It’s the metal sleeves from a milking machine. The place has cream separators inside. Butter churn, too! Although modern, they have displays to let you walk by the old equipment. An occasional person tells you about how they work. I had mom with me for that.

But we are here for cheese. Counting flavors means realizing there are fifty kinds of cheddar. Mild and sharp don’t with well here. Jalapeno and chive flavored do! Several standard cheeses occupy shelves with flavored or blended cheese. Cheese curds if you like you cheese a week old. Others go a little more time up to about six months. No two year old cheddar blocks that you could use as a hammer, unfortunately.

Butter Kase is about the creamiest thing possible. It’s starts with heavy cream. If you stuff peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, ravioli, or anything you want to have solid cheese taste, try this stuff. You can eat it with crackers or make gourmet grilled cheeses. But dream big here people.

Grass fed munster is another rare treat. If you buy cheese sliced and prepackaged, you never had munster cheese. This is way past deli cheese. Again excellent cheese for stuffing, Mac&cheese, secret ingredient to best grilled cheese ever.

Then I’m experimenting with flavors. Really a cheese with blue cheese, feta, and cheddar! Heart be still. Ok after I eat all this cheese it might be. But my salad that looked so healthy, now it tastes good too! This may not melt as well as others but three tastes fur the price of one!

I’m left with chipoltes cheddar. Mexican night will be featuring some stuffed poblano peppers! Tacos and quesadillas well be dressed up. But these is a decent cheese ti graze on. A little heat but not any after taste of pepper.

There’s still a hundred reasons to go back. And plenty of parking too!


Myrtle Beach – Week Out of Big Crowds

So you want to go the the Beach.  Myrtle Beach is the place way too many crowd into during the summer.  End of June through August and every parking lot is full.  Cars from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia freely mix with locals.  There are great beachs and tons of places to rent and eat.  A little primer for sand entertainment, shopping, and food.

Location, location, location.  High tourist area! Plan your place carefully.  I prefer the area called “Restaurant Row”.  Or Lake Arrowhead Road area.  Why?  First name refers to seafood buffet that battle for largest crab on a sign or building.   But there’s tons of restaurants in a couple mile strip of pavement.  Food means getting there BEFORE 6 to avoid lines in summer.  Early dinner/big lunches save big money!  But more on food later.

But there’s a place to stay here as well.  Any condo rental site (my preferences Tripadvisor,, Homeaway) will find you a two bedroom condo with room for six.  They find you hundreds.   But the goal is close to beach, expect a high price to be 800-1000 per week, cheaper earlier and later in year.  But Saturday to Saturday rentals give you a week.  A kitchen, and pool at your disposal.   Check the location on the map! A second row condo is five minutes to water.  Can you feel toes in the sand yet?  Private owner rentals are best.  Beware of parking, don’t chance not having a parking pass.  The beaches are public.  The further north, the wider the sand.  You have miles of sand to choose from. 

Shopping happens.  Two outlets are here (both are Tanger).  There are two retail tourist centers (Barefoot Landing and Broadway at th he Beach), these have mostly name brand stores, plus a couple trinket shops for “real” Myrtle Beach stuff, and some entertainment and bars.  Get coupon books! There are dozen of different types.  If you have a condo, the grocery store is first stop.  They have coupon books there.  Sign up for their shopper card.  Remember with condo, breakfast made at condo is cheaper.


Murrill’s Inlet from
There are several ways to entertain yourself.  Live shows at several venues like Alabama theatre, House of Blues, Legends, and Pirates Voyage.  But you’ll never be able to avoid those ads here.  It’s like on the ocean, so how about seeing how the other half lives!  Yes, find a boat and look at the fishes. Up north are deep water fixing and dolphin tours.  There’s nothing like Murrell’s Inlet to the south.  Nature tours provide up close details of the aquatic world.  Captain Dick’s does a family friendly saltwater marsh tour with shell collecting/fishing options.  Waccama River tours provide history and a chance to see gators.  But the best of the beach thing you don’t know about.. Brookgreen Gardens.   Spulture, large gardens, mix with small zoo, River tour explaining everything you could want to know.  The idea of sculpture becomes really cool when you see thirty foot tall ones in every material.  Smaller ones hiding in the gounds.  Every major artists is here from the last hundred years.  


BrookGreen gardens entrance from
Finally, food in the real world.  You can’t swing a crab leg without hitting a seafood buffet.  Use the coupon books, and they’re still expensive.  Coupons give you greatest discount about 4, so if you plan to stuff yourself like a flounder get there early.  You must go to Simply Southern Smokehouse.  Why, buffet at $10.20 and $1 drinks.  Here’s the best part it’s best food here.  BBQ and southern staples like fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, play with chicken bog, pulled pork, field peas, okra, ….  Really the singing bus boy is worth $12 a piece.  Ciao is a tiny place.  It’s some of best Italian food and most plates are between $13 and $19.  Homemade stuff with great light sauces (they are sweet not spicy).  Fresh bread with dipping sauce!  Really fresh salads with chunks of cheese.  There are hundreds of pizza places.  Delivery is a long game of roulette.  When it will get there? What will it taste like this time? It costs what?  Take a bit of time.  If on north side go to King’s Famous Pizza, time honored (old) simple good thin crust sweet sauce plenty of cheese.  There are chains.  True to form, the further south the better the Waffle House and Cracker Barrell are.  Logan’s Roadhouse has eleven dollars steak you can chew.  This is an economical guide.