Desert Shade


The soul stays long after hope and love leaves.   It’s rugged roots hold fast against the spinning world.   The pace of life well past any form of control.  Ideas like water, dry up.   The pulse quicken.  The feelings go sideways, again.

The hope of one more drop of water.  The memory of wetness.   The living dries up faster than the thought.   The pulse of life can’t keep up with that thought.   The hope for one more drop.

New Health Phase


“It’s full bioflavinoids!  Super high antioxidants counts!  Once it gets absorbed it help you body flush out toxins.  The American Indians used cactus for centuries.   They never had health issues like we have today.  You have to try it!” The little college girl beams as she pushed the cup toward her aunt.
“Honey, it’s great it can do ask of that.   But I don’t see how I’m supposed to drink it!”

Sushi Smile


Russell had turned the corner diner around.    It’s red leather high back booths are the only thing above the white and black checkered floor that remains from his uncle’s place.   His clientele had changed a little.   But today there’s a special guest. Billie, the former owner when it was Robin’s Slotted Spoon. To Russell, he was uncle Billie.

“Hate the sign in the window! Fish in parts! You serve fish heads! Rolly polly fish heads! What did I do to You? I gave you a diner. And this sign. .. mutilated fish parts.” Uncle Billie was in a good mood.

“Uncle, it’s fun. Almost whole menu is fish now. Sushi is big bucks. A little seaweed, rice, soy, even an old codger like you might like it.”

“Russell, it’s a diner not a trip to Japan! There are old people who ate here forever. They’re not eating raw food!”

As he looks on, several of his customers shuttle in. Several “hi and how are you” get exchanged.

The only thing left is to swallow his pride. Uncle Billie sits down for fish head soup.

One More Bottles


“It’s a long way back up” Simon was down.   His hand broke his fall. Or the fall broke his hand. … maybe both.   He’s down.

“It’s the fifth time this month you hit do wasted you can’t walk!  That’s enough! ” Carla was ready to go back upstairs.  “I ought to leave you on the street like a dog. What the hell are all those bottles doing out here? !”

“Wooow, you said fifth. .. they’re all fifths.   Well when they had booze in them.   I need a drink.  Help me up, will ya.”  He stares forward at his glasses on the ground.   Shaking his hand. Hoping for feeling to return.

“Damn, that’s gonna hurt later.   I wonder where those glasses went.”


Eye of the Dragon – Picture It and Write

They had been the rage.  Dragon lizards.  At two to three feet long, they were dangerous enough for a boy.  Safe enough for parent when in a fish tank.  The pretty blackish blue made them irresistible.  Fredrick had a great business.  Bring in a dozen and leave with a over thousand bucks.  Every town loved the lizards.

No one ever questioned where they came from.  They were so cute.  They clung to people.  If you put them down, they cried till you picked them back up.  A new town would see Fredrick drive in with his beat up pickup.  Hard to miss with white front and black bed.  He would show them off,sell and leave.

The next day mom would come after her babies and eat the town’s people for stealing her babies.  So the next time you see a strange new pet for sale.  Wait till tomorrow to buy it.

Flying the Wrong Colors Picture It and Write meats Sunday Photo Fiction


The sunset perfectly over the apartment complex.   Tension on the street rarely lifted up to the balconies.   Thomas was free to dream of his home hundreds of miles southward.   The hills of South Carolina are a magical place, the only escape for July heat and bounty of wilderness.  But this is Baltimore.   Gritty.  Dark.  Depressing.  Nearly hills fall to old show rivers and bays.

A loud banging echoes through.  The banging intensifies.   “Get your ass out here.   We’re gonna the care of you.   Like your people did to us.  Just like dat!”

Thomas didn’t know the voices.  He didn’t know anyone here.  His truck has been broke into once.   It’s the city.  

Hanging from his balcony drapes a red, white and blue flag.   Faded it’s three broad stripes and thirteen stars still show clearly.  It’s a reminder of home.

The door starts to rattle.  The chain is only thing holding on.   It time to get out.  The side fire escape is only option left.   He grabs his keys and gun.


Six floors wrapping tight circles. Metal clangs with each running step. The alley leads away from building. He’ll have to squeeze past dumpster to recover his truck.

The blue Ford truck hasn’t been reached yet. There’s loud noises from all sides. They are systematically rooting out the southerners. There are terrified screams from the second floor. Shots fired.

Jumping in and driving over a curb. The license frame that says “my hearts in dixie” disappears into the twilight.

Khrysoar – Picture It and Write

Minerva’s temple was a distant memory. Khrysoar, himself never cast his sight on his much malign mother. Raised in great wealth, his fate was from glorious solider to owner of a herd. One doesn’t need to be fall so far when the blood of gods course through your veins.

Its was time to call upon his brother. He would find something of his mother. Perseus had cowardly slain his mother. Attacking in her sleep was no way for demigod to perish. His father told him to live, not avenge. Pegasus owned him a couple of favors. It was the to call them in.

The damage to medusa was severe, her children sprung from her neck. The evils of turning people to stone was a myth, surely her family would do the same. Never had Khrysoar seen it done.

Pegasus flew him to the seen of the crime. It was empty. Many years had passed. Legends grew, memories faded.

A temple girl named Aja, was applying herself with oils and flowers. Khrysoar spoke to get her attention.

When she looked. .. She turned to stone.

Best River Views

The prefect trip along the Danube. The twenty year anniversary trip for Dale and Cecilia. Flying into Vienna. Drive for ten days, views, culture, food and the river.

The first couple days is all Vienna. Danube island, Vienna woods, canals and of course, the food. History and John Strauss provides another unexpected day. Dale remembers her interest in music. The buildings were Cecilia’s true love. The architecture varied in small areas.

Cecilia has been through the vacation thing before. We start with this and end with that.usually there’s no problem. As long as food is good and there’s a couple buildings and a little bazaar shopping. True culture is found in markets, not museums.

There are three more days, in Austria. Cecilia has lost her river and shopping. Dale is in heaven. Wachau Valley is a nice floodplain but pictures aren’t her trip. Cecilia is getting edgy.

“When we get to Budapest, don’t expect me to get in this car for at least two days” this is one line in three hours. Dale takes the que. Hungary is close thanks to a straight drive.

Dale being a smart man finds the Gresham Palace. Top place on the river. Best River Views possible is what the booking site says.

The palace is true spectacular. After an incredible dinner, they return to room. Dale is taking about all the this in Budapest to see.

The next morning Cecilia lays in bed. Dale looks at her “Ready to go?”

“Why the best river view is here.” Putting down the travel book.

The View


The powerhouse was abandoned years ago.  The smokestacks rises over the small buildings   The legend of what happened here grows with each generation.

Today,  a camera crew has come.  The plant in it’s prime couldn’t power the gadgets set to explore it’s mysteries.   Legends and ghosts die hard.  When they intertwine. .. they are immortal.   Three people fell from the stairs, coming down.   All looked like they were pushed.   Adeia was sacred land to Huron tribe centuries ago.   They were pushed off the land.

Electro Magnetic Kinetics have overrun the place.   Spikes of energy light up the buildings.   The experts all have theories.   And teams that do their work.

Stephen Malik was coordinator here. His tv series ruled Wednesday. Light flashes, voice enhancements, knocks, telekinesis, you name it, week in week out. This was big! A ratings killer.

Junkana, last full blood Huron, came. Sacred land was bring honored (on camera). His concern was Indian grave yard run amuck. His people weren’t savages. Curses didn’t come from them.

The crew sets up first trading at top of stairs. Stephen smiles, described the view. Turns to Junkana, asks about Huron grave yard. Flying forward Stephen falls off staircase to death, 75 feet below. Junkana explains the ghost had Shawnee war paint.

The ratings are killer.



“Oh the mirror is such a terrible thing. A man must have came up with it. Ugh! I look horrible.” Eve is twisting side to side. Exploring every flaw seen and unseen.

Her 110 pounds are stretched thin across her 5 foot six frame.

“I never wanted to turn 45. My eyes have crow’s feet. My elbows have wrinkles. Look at the upper arm it’s hanging loose. Thank god, Richard has such bad vision.”

She walks into bedroom. Richard is putting on suit for fancy dinner for her. He’s gained thirty pounds since they got married. She has been up and down in weight. The swing has been ten pounds. To her it seems like a hundred.

She picks up a magazine. Takes it over to Richard.

“Here, you always say, what do I want to make me happy? Here you go. Sign me up. The bride diet, I want to look as good as the women you stare at all day. If you love me you’ll do it. I want to go this week!”

Richard picks up magazine. The ad is hard to believe. “You want to be fed on IV tube for two weeks?!”