Documentary Photography – Life @ Mexico’s Abandoned Railroad Tracks

Photographer Octavio Hoyos is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  These images are from his project “Between Sleepers“. To see Octavio’s gallery of projects click on any image.     The eroded wagons are today homes for the ones that for decades worked for Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico, which was […]

Reblog – Architectural Photography Essay From Around The World

This architectural photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Architectural Photographer Thorben Kremers at OTOKO PHOTOGRAPHY.       Click on any image to see Thorben’s portfolio.         Click on any image to see Thorben’s portfolio.           See also: Architecture Interior By Thorben Kremers   Back […]

Reblog – Five Photos Five Stories: Day 3

The reason for my five photos five stories found below.  If you never stopped by her site then I’ll bring it to you.  This is how you do a challenge!
The procrastinator has just barely squeezed in her third story before Day 3 ends. This is Five Photos Five Stories! Thanks again to Helen Espinosa for the nomination! The rules for Five Photos Five Stories are as follows: Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or […]

Bruce the Shark


Forty sunny summers ago.  A Shark named Bruce swam into our darkest fears.   A broken mechanical shark made the movie because it wasn’t seen for most of the movie.  Forty years later a long away from Amityville (yes that Amityville) I’m in the Carolinas and they’re feeding on people again.

Come on in the water is fine! 😉

Golden Hourhand

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”


Ok I’m picking Noon. Simply because a great number of people tell me, its 12PM.. Anyone wishing to engage in how “Post Meridian” becomes at the Median feel free. But unlike a broke clock, you won’t be right twice a day. Because Ante Meridan doesn’t work with Midnight either (12AM). But that being said, the world is alive. Things are moving, even bad days it’s light out.

Now I would include sunset times, but they move like a clock changing times not wanting to stay at any particular time. Sunrise times are also nice, but I associate them to work. Mood killer!

So here’s to slightly overexposed pictures, deep contrasts, and lively scenes. No, actually I prefer a dessert.


Roy G Biv and his shy twin Vib G Yor. Rainbows and colors go hand and hand.   For daily post,  his today’s submission. .


Big Bend Texas.   On one side is seventy miles of rain, the other is dry.   If you drive long enough, you’ll find there is something besides a pot of gold at the end of some rainbows…..

Off Season – Last Tourists


The Oregon coast.   Mountains that fall into the sea.   First of October means few people.   If you don’t jog with a dog, then your probably the tourist.   In one and a half hours there were a dozen people.  

Grey skies,  cold ocean water,  west wind in your face, or some other reason to sit at home.  The was special trip.   Off Season meant cheaper rates, so a fireplace with ocean view provided celebration for completing all fifty US States.

The beach at 10AM