Momentary Glimpse

Blinded by a smile

Caught in a gleam

The innocence and beauty

Crack my nature defenses

Motor skills leave him stunted

Speech is mostly useless

Smiling such a cheesy response

I long to see more

Ephemeral like a butterfly

Above the same breeze it moves

Panic or desire, emotions fight

What’s a second in a life

Everything when it is gone

Heart traces the lines

My brain firmly clings to it

Chance encounter are never fair

Nor is the cost of inaction cheap

I revel in a second

And hope what left my sight returns

Inside Thoughts

I wantto take your breath away.

I watchyou move completely 

My mind locked on every part

My eyes flash to keep up

Your body converts to road map

Some curves are far more dangerous 

At least in my view from here

You’re an addiction wanting to hook me

I linger on thoughts of being emerged