FDA Looking Out for Some else

In an effort to make sure you don’t know what’s in your food, the FDA has decided not to test food for Roundup’s active ingredient.  But what it gets better…



GMO, Its Safe Really 

If you are able to remember a Story call Soylent Green, you’ll appreciate this.  Those who may have missed the story, when you died you would be recycled to be used to….. Help the next generation thrive!  Ok.  You were old you were worthless and turned into something like ricecakes.  And the movie has a theme based upon finding this out.  It’s actually a good movie.  I digress.

So we come into the world where the seed companies say we can alter a plant to make it better for production by eliminating weeds.  Basically, weed killer doesn’t kill the corn or soy.  Just the weeds.  The weed killer bonds on to proteins. You eat the weed killer bound to the GMO corn or soy because it bound to the plant protein.  They are resistant to the weed killer but still take it in!  It’s safe, the manufacture bought congress to say so…. Oops! They claim it’s safe even though it binds to your proteins inside your digestive tract.

So the company called Soylent.  They as shown above say they are perfectly safe.  As truly stated humans have been messing with our crops for a long time .  Radiation and selective breeding have lead to new varieties.  After a hundred years, nothing extratrodinary has come of it.  But so far we have a recall in the release of Soylent 2.0, because of gastrointestinal issues.  Where do toxins rest in your body first?  The fats are second.   Please go to the Soylent website to see  their side.  It’s safe trust them.

Sorry, I’ll stick to plants that require human labor and won’t leave toxins in my muscles.

Carry On

Carry on what else can one do

Dying is a poor substitute 

Somehow our psyche needs this

Deep seated fears rear up

Are you really carrying on?

What the hell am I carrying?

Why it all Pandora’s box here?

Save the lid, of course

Carrying on was moving on

Now we move troubles with us. 

Minds twist and hide good stuff

Feasting on issues and problems 

Life is challenges and experiences

It’s not a garage to lock things in

For all those shirts reminding us

It didn’t mean take it with you

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Three Quote Challenge- Third Times a Charm

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Today, we will attempt the call of nature…

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All Life Matters

Baton Rogue is a reminder that there are people who like deep divides.  Organized attacks with the intent can not be passed off as anything but murdered.  We say empty phrases to solve complex problems.  Hate is the driving factor here.  There are no phrases that justify the attacking of law enforcement.

But let me throw out a few consequences.  You will see police responses slow down.  Back up will be required if there is the known presence or suspected threat of violence. The same neighborhood that has the tension between minorities and police will get worse.  The police like to go home to their families.  There are few that became a police officer  with the aspirations of murdering people.  But daily police go into confrontations where they have to deescalate situations.  This assumptions they go on is that most of the time things get worked out without incident.  How many police can throw out the idea that the threat is to who they are responding to?  

This shooting and Dallas all involved the general public.  Highly accessible areas where several others could have been collateral damage.  Why bring the public into the fight?  Is the idea someone could hide in with the general public and keep the killing going.  None of this changes the narrative.  The solving of the death of unarmed citizens was what we are told is the problem.  It time that we actually hear the truth of what the solution can happen with violence and where are the Black Life Matters, The People of Oppression, and other peaceful voices condemning these actions.  

Welcome to Rage Day!

Today, most like every day means something to somebody.  If you are an anti-establishment get you civil disobedience on type person, carpe deim!  If not check you local listing for an evening program of frustration at the system and its current state.  This is possible a two party system between Anonymous and the Black Life Matters movements.  Either way 37 cities will be “hosts” for a party.  

WARNING: DAY OF RAGE #BlackLivesMatter Protests Set for Friday in 37 US Cities

Reblog – We Subsidize Most of Junk Food Crops

We all know farmers have Crop protections that prevent the family farm from going belly up due to a bad year.   But when the family farm became corporate factory farms, we need the subsidies even more.   Dear God think of your 401k! 


Social Media Poison and Fallout

This was a post on a social website by a player from the Cleveland Browns.  The apology was made online.  It was made at a press conference.  He met with the Cleveland Police Department.  And will donate his pay check for the first game of the year to the Dallas Fallen Police Officers Memorial ($35,000).

But the damage was done.  We plod along with this idea all life matters.  But does it?  When does stopping to think cloud the anger inside.

He is a pro player and he choose to share an image.  Free speech gives him every right to do so.  By no means should his right to vocalize his feelings be suspended.   There are several people in the city of Cleveland, Ohio going all kinds of crazy over this.  He used a racist version of an ISIS image of them slaughtering their Western prisoners to convey retaliation for the taking of two lives of black men.  Did he mean all white cops should be slit at the throat?  Can’t tell!  

There are dangers of social media.  Everyday people can suffer backlash but what happens when it goes to another level.  The worst possibility is someone sees this and thinks it’s a good idea.  This is the problem of race relations.  We come from different angles.  The shock and awe technique got all kinds of attention.  But rehashing all the old wounds of everyone leads to the same ends.  Seeing eye to eye means leaving an eye for an eye behind.  It also means community policing policies.  Local groups need to be involved with police.  The problem here in Cleveland is there are less minorities joining the Police department.   Outreach programs could change this.  So can a little understanding and more peaceful protests would go a long way.

We can quote facts.  We can show one side of the story.  We can give press coverage to the horrific parts and forgetting to mention the same groups calling for peacefully demonstrations.  We all have a stake in getting along in this world.  But law and order means there will still be police.  Sometimes they have a job that makes them make fatal decisions.   There are tens of thousands of police out there, not all are bad and not all are good.  Hey that makes them just like us!