One Word Photo Challenge Dry


Big Bend National Park, Texas

Two and a half million acres of glorious desert.   From the Southeast rim (picture location) to the left is Mexico and the view goes for one hundred miles.  To the right are the canyons of the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte from Mexican side).  The view point sits half a mile straight up of the desert floor.  

Rains comes fast and hard in the desert.  Arroyos, dry washes, carve paths miles long five to eight feet deep.   With rains picking up hundreds of tonnes of earth, scars appear taking out whatever stand before it.   Ever wonder about a half mile bridge over a two feet wide creek.  There a reason.  

But 330 days of the year, it’s not a problem.  In September, it’s still in the 90’s.  Dry heat just like in the picture.  And yes there are seven thousand foot high mountains in Texas.

One Word Photo Challenge – Cold


They break off with the loudest crackle and boom.  Second later they fall in slow motion.  Something the size of a house crashes into the blue water of Glacier Bay.  The wall of ice is over one hundred feet above water and can be half mile straight down. 

A long time ago a snowflake fell.   It landed next to a sloth bear or maybe a saber tooth lion.  One of them got buried.   Thousands of years later and many miles traveling downhill that snowflake just reached the sea.

One Word Photo Challenge – Hot


Welcome to Coba!  The Mayan carved limestone blocks, carried then for miles, stacked them 140 feet into the air, and the stairs have a super steep slope.   The word is hot.   January 6, the temperature is 92 degrees with low humidity.  Climbing to the top takes everything out of you.   Maybe I should have used the rope?

One Word Photo Challenge Cloudy


There’s a place where the clouds come to meet you.  Up over 14,000 feet above sea level, lies a piece of asphalt called Longs Peak Road.  The cloud is not always carrying of you circumstances.   This one brought sleet and rain turning a nice sixty degrees day to forty.  But the views before and after make a little weather tolerable.