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Island of Refuge

Probation isn’t a word in Hawai’i. When you were kapu, or broke a serious law you were to be killed or could swim across 20 miles or so of rough seas to live on a very small patch of land. But you were protected by these figures.

Remember this Land is Your Land

There had been several attempts to dismantle National Monuments by big oil for years. But alas, someone put pen to paper.


Tuzigoot Ruin


A 100 room ruin just outside of Cottonwood, AZ.  North of Phoenix by two hours or west of Sedona by half hour.  The Sinagua stayed here between 1000 and 1450.  They built this high on a hill in a bowl of mountains.  The Verde River cuts along side to provide year round water.  The visitor center was loaded with artifacts from on site.  The ruin was explored in the 1930’s.


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