Throwback Saturday

“The Last In Line”

We’re a ship without a storm
the cold without the warm
light inside the darkness that it needs yeah
We’re a laugh without a tear
the hope without the fear
we are coming home.

I’m starting the day with the question of does an old candle cast a new or old shadow?



“Read the news today”

Long forgotten words and practice.

The places change but not the story.

The storyline AP or UPI

The place I am has little news.

There’s a crime here.

There’s a crime there.

But what has changed?

The world has shrunk around us.

My local has become less.

The flavor of my daily life vanilla.

Yes bad things happen.

But good things don’t make news.

Today I look at my paper.

It’s a park newspaper.

My guide to the good of nature.

The number of crimes is like.

“The number of holes to fill Albert Hall”
Quotes from “A Day in The Life”, the Beatles

Contrast in The Heart


“Love is like a dying ember”
The old song plays just for me.
The fires twilight is coming.
The soaring flames faded memories.
The spark clear as day.
A glance, smiles exchanged freely.
Awkward laughter shared.
Deeper looks, exchanges real.
Sudden longing for touch.
The desire to share and be shared.
All caught in a still of warmth.
Well maintained flames glow.
Partially kept ones slowly dwindle.
No fanning, no kindling,  no growth.
The hidden embers spew heat.
They radiate a false flame.
Unable to hold of cooling.
Slowly, imperceivably discinigrates.
What once was spark and tender,
Coolness descends upon.
The single coal is powerless.
It’s companion is oblivious.
One day, it all changed.
“Only memories remain”

Quotes from “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” by Willie Nelson.   Link below. ..

Stars that fell

The HMS Compass returned today.
Years traveling out among the stars.
It’s shiny features no longer glisten.
Its payload richness of past suns.
The crew glorious heroes.
Human eyes never seen the wonders.
The mind unable to hold then in.
The radio contact no longer reliable.
The reception waited.
The computer full of data.
Cabin sparsely populated.
The year thirty nine.
The crew all gone.
Fell out among the stars.

The answer to 39

The story Major Tom and friends

Reblog – Feelings and understandings.

Did you ever feel like something’s missing but had no idea what it was? Did you ever feel like getting out of your skin because it was so damn suffocating in there? Did you ever feel like smacking people just because they weren’t listening to what you had to say? Did you ever feel invisible? […]