Wordle – Nighttime

Week 180

1. Nullify

2. Gnarl

3. Octave

4. Negligence

5. Parasite

6. Peal

7. Leash

8. Muscle

9. Misrepresent

10. Boketto (to gaze vacantly into the distance without thinking)

11. Nightmare

12. Graveyard

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle

Nightmares gnarl at my backside. Like some parasite invading every muscle. It nullifies my sleep, misrepresenting my souls graveyard. Negligence keeps its tight leash about my neck. Bells peal calling yet leaving me in boketto.

Tale Weaver #39 – Not Your Shadow Anymore!


I have followed you to the ends of the Earth. Your footsteps have become the rope that pulls me through life.  Patiently, I have waited for my day in the Sun.   At some point, it’s you that needs to walk in the other’s shoes.

Forgive me as my life becomes yours.  I’ll leave you waiting in the wings.   I’ll make you feel the artificial light that bleeds my life away.  When the clouds cover the sky, I’ll be free of you.   Yes, free!  That feeling us shadows never experience.

Look at your leg!  Go ahead look!  That’s me!   I will devour you into darkness.   Thanks for the memories.

Killer Shoes – Tale Weaver #38


Part of a challenge from Mindlove’s misery menagerie, https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/tale-weaver-38

“It’s got to be Jessie. I’ll get her to go.   When we change that’s when you grab the shoes.” Erica grip on her phone tightens as she envisions the pink shoes.

Randy looks across the fast food plastic table.  His twenty year old eyes narrow.  “Jessie ain’t hanging with you!   Damn, she’s not in our crowd.  She’s like hot.   She’s popular.   We’re mutts around here.   Never going to work.”

“You don’t understand. You never understand! I don’t know why I’m with you.    If you loved me you’d get those shoes for me.” Erica stirs her milk shake, starting at it’s depth for answers to life.

“Fine.” Randy jumps up and leaves.  

Dishwasher at the Wet Spot Bar, Randy didn’t get a lot of attention.  He wandered to work.  He passes the college kids smoking in the alley. His eyes down, these are cool kids.   Attention is a bad thing when you’re outnumbered.

A desert mirage appears before him.   It’s the pink hightops!

“Yo dweeb! Get outta my way!” Jessie stares through him.   Her eyes burn at his soul.

Dumbfounded Randy speaks “Jessie, you’re way too hot for those cheap shoes. I mean,  ahh.”

“Asshole! You got real style, piece of shit!.. Lucky phone saved your ass…  Hello! What do you geeks have no life!  I don’t want to meet up with you,  or Erica.  My God,  I’m a loser.   I’m being asked to hang out with losers!!”  Jessie starts to scream into the phone.

Randy stands behind her.   It’s him and Jessie alone in the alley. A two by four leans against the wall in front of him.  His head fills with a voice “if you loved me..”

Four quick strikes against the back of a loud girl’s head.   The alley becomes quiet.

A terrified Randy drags a body behind a dumpster.  The shoes come off quick.   The phone and purse go in dumpster empty.  

“Erica will be so happy!”  He sings on the way out of alley.   Pulling out his phone he dials “Hey man,  I can’t come in for a bit.  I need a ride.”

Erica smiles she sees the killer shoes. “On I love you!   There great.  Oh no, there an eight.   They’re too small! Take them back! I can’t look at them no more!”

Randy narrows his eyes.   “You have no idea what you have done!”

Photo Challenge #82, New World


The flowers were different this year. The petals have shrank to needles. The government says don’t worry.  A solar flare irradiated  some vulnerable plants.   Those plants bloomed after the snow fell. 

We all were happy.  The birds developed more color.   The metallized water gave us all nice tanned skin.  We all the out the sunscreen.   The polymers in the new water made us all fall back in love with the Sun.  The world was so much more colorful and lively.

Technology is so great to us. The use of pesticides mutated week species like the honeybee to wonderful new pollinators.   The are more like hummingbirds.  Their buzz replaced by a nicer hum. 

The new world is getting so much better.