Clam Shell Inn

The blue green ocean reached up to pull the orange red rays of sun light down.   A few scattered grey clouds broke up the yellow, orange, red sky of dimming light.   The three story building turns from blue to purplish in this light.   An opened book facing in the sea, between it’s covers a lush green collection of pages dotted with blue pools and an ocean swim up bar.

The courtyard’s blue painted concrete paths gracefully led it’s guests to the next cove.  A small paradise seemed larger.  Seventy people muddled about.   Music hung on the tropical breezes.   Fruit scents mixed with fading smell of rum.   The night started to come out taking away everyone’s cares.

From the swim up Mermaids Bar, comes a loud round of hoots and hollers.  A packed bar witnesses a trio of ladies breach several times swimming  in the shallows.   Two green haired ladies tail after a black haired beauty with pale white almost blue skin.   Their naked forms only seemed cloaked by fleshy scales that end in a tail.   The wait staff is oblivious, being next to a nude beach brings this kind of thing.  The ladies swim toward the bar people part convinced the show is about to go on.  

“Welcome people.  I’m Fiona, Shelley and Gilda are my friends.  We need some drinks for the show to continue.  Who would like fish out some clams?”  Fiona plays with her necklace of a eleven full clamshell that drape not so subtly against her.   Her two friends beam smiles and play with similar necklaces.

The water is full of commotion.   A live shark couldn’t propel men like this.   The other woman stare.   Most in awe.   The guts to be so naked and bold.   Envy and jealousy swim just below the surface,  looking for soft places to land their barbs. 

A semi-circle of men with colorful plastic cups regard the engaging ladies.   Neither are speaking. but the men hold fast at a regular distance from the ladies man.   An invisible unseen force keeping the two sides apart.

Fiona jestures her companions.   She removes her necklace.   Smiling and waving at her admirers.   Snapping off three red clams, then putting necklace back on.   The other two follow about a second behind.   The ladies juggle the clams.   The crowd starts to cheer then on.

A high pitched chip comes from one of the shells. Then another.  And another.  A cacophony of chips and clicks rise.   The clams give of a soft glow. The quick agile hands create three circles of light, before each lady.

Fiona launches them toward the building.  A throw no-one could imagine making.   An explosion and flames race away from the impact.   One by one all nine clams are hurled.   The crowd is stunned.  A suffocating silence locks down the guests.

The battle to take back the ocean has begun.  The resorts fills with swirls of flames.  Black smoke forms pillars.  Panic has descended in the pools and courtyards.  If they just knew where to run to..