Halloween – Cousin It


Decoration Day


Officially it’s Memorial Day in the US. But it was once Decoration Day.  The origins of this run deep.  The Union troops first celebrated the holiday on May 30, 1868.  But their were ones before that.

April 26,1866 was the first offical celebration of the Civil War dead in the south.  The gravesodd the Confederate troops were decorated with ribbons and buttons.  It was a symbol of homespun touches.  The south want left with much. Most of the people in the south eye fast from rich before the war.

There small marking on Anniversary of major battles were common for both Northern and Southern graves.  This was a war that no one thought would ever come.  It’s a war that started with only a Northern Army and  Northern Navy.   The South were farmers with little industry.   Every able bodied man who wasn’t a plantain owner fought in the South.

The Northern Armies were full of troops that well to do people paid others to take their place.  In the North, a grand horse race track called Saratoga opened in the height of the war.  The Southern people raced to Richmond to riot for bread.  The honor of the fighters for the South was not lost that all but Gettysburg was fought in their homes, their fields, over their crops.

Both sides died in a war to force the country back together. From the beginning when families watch on the side lines outside Alexandria.  To the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse.  These men lead to a celebration to honor all those lost in battle under Stars and Stripes

Happy St Patrick’s Day


A rare sunny St Patrick’s day has appeared in northern Ohio.  Luck of the irish, maybe.  But that luck is an elusive thing.

My grandfather was a Donovan, full blood Irishman second generation from a boat.   Great Grandmother on other side was full blood too, but some Irish changed their name to gain employment besides clergy, police, street cleaning, butchering and low end jobs at the time.

These were the times when indentured  servitude ended.  The Irish were greatly exploited for labor in exchange for their passage to the new world.   Ten to twenty years of labor to pay for the trip, then room and board.   The elderly were free and broke (financially and physically).  But happier thoughts are now associated with Irish heritage.

My shamrock is from twenty years ago.  It’s maker long since meet her own maker.  She lived in an apartment run by the Catholic Dioses, which meant poor elderly only.   But crafty a women with a rich history.  Not quite as good as celebrating the guy who removed snakes from Ireland.

Rare gems to share.


A pussy willow whose branches are weighed down with blooms


The first daffodils of the season.   They are a full month early.

Online Issues – A Love Story

Cupid drops the whiskey shot in his beer.  The furious bubbles dance like liquid fire.   His attention fixed until the show slowly ends.

He lends back in his bar stool.  Lighting a cigarette.   Then starting at a tablet.  Right index finger flips pictures in strobe like fashion.

“Yo, short stuff!  Kill the heater!   It’s a no smoking place.   What the hell’s wrong with YOU!   Don’t you got something to work on.   Tomorrow’s your big day, right?” Ben the bartender looking for bigger than his six fit frame.

Cupid smashes the cigarette out on the wood bar top.  Without looking up replies “Some day, I’m walking in here.   There’ll be a robot.   It’ll say ‘ hey short stuff’.  I’d put an arrow in your ass. .. but I’d feel bad for the dog in the alley!”

“Hey, touching.   You used to find people and make magic.   You know people really liked you.   What did they actually talk to you?  Did your magical people skills do you in?”  Ben plops down on his elbows trying to catch his attention.

“Look.   People used to go out.  Malls were great.   Now, it’s no weapons allowed!   Can’t do my job without them!   So I troll online.   I’ll start at 3AM.  I’ll make up names close to someone else.  Send a couple messages between two people.   They forget because at 3AM your drunk online.   Next day they scramble to find that day person.  Simply genius.   But the entertainment value, so much better.”  Cupid stops to drain the glass.

“That’s really sick! !  You fraud people into love!  How could you?”  Ben looks a bit angry.

“Ever lie a little to get something pal?!” Cupid stood quickly.  “Hey wait! Gold here.  ‘Looking for genuine lovely soul’.  This week be good.   Happy Valentine’s Day!”