Halloween Treats


Reborn Upon the Night

Two hands break the surface

Ooze separating with uneven sound

Grey film clings until bits slip away

Hands grow to forearms

The moonlight cares little

Whistling wind picks up leaves

They dance an unsightly dance

Mirroring chaos as they scatter about

Hollow grunt spills upon the breeze

Forearms bear shoulders

Clouds stretch thin above

Howl pierces the darkness

Echoes seem disinterested in replying

Shoulders yield a head topped torso

Its form testing movement

Tasting escape upon the night

Decay reborn as embodiment

Our fears break free to run wild

It soft footsteps allow shadows to part

The gentle tap upon the shoulder

As sincere as the handshake


My skin crawls as cold darkness embraces me.

The light that once shined bright is meager now.

The world, once vibrant and lovely, is dim and lonely.

Green has given way to brown, soft became rigid.

Breath subsided to a deep form of stillness.

The year has changed, the cycle has ended.

The only one who looked forward to it.

Death, itself.

Hear glorious sounds below….

The letter

Dear Mr Lee Mortis,

The folks at Sunny Acres Estates would like to draw your attention to the strict pet policy.  The HOA (Home Owner’s Association) would like to remind you of the exclusion of any animals kept as pets.  Due to the condition of the residents health, it is imparitive that any animals be removed at once.

Per Chapter Deep 6….

“No animals allowed due to digging, chewing the bones of our residents, wastes, etc…”

It is clear we have the resident’s best interest at heart here.  You have made a grave mistake in bringing a pet to our peaceful grounds.  We wish to rest this issue in peace. Please make the choice to help us in this manner of public safety.  We are not interested in any other skeletons in your closest.

Below you will clearly see the picture of yourself and the source of the concern.  

Sunny Acres Estates

Rest In Peace