FFAW- Front Page News

Thank you Elaine Farrington Johnson for our photo prompt this week!

Sharon ran through the house

“Samuel! You’re on the front page!” she yells across the house “Look!”

Reggie gets up from his chair to see his little boy on the page.

Mommy! Let me see too!” Samuel pops up from underneath the paper. “Just like Daddy said we changed the world. Didn’t we?”

Reggie casts a big grin at his son “Yeah, we sure did.”

His eyes move bad to the rest of the page. His mind says “No we didn’t”

92 words

Photo  Challenge #132- Spectre

My lovely shadow.   I stare across the field.   The clothes line is where she is sexist.   A stolen look at her.   A silhouette of the body my dreams occupy. Lost in a hidden moment, miles from anywhere.  I can taste her breath.   Feel the stands of hair.

I struggle to sit upright.   My daydream lost.  Pieces of sand passed through an hour glass.   She is spectre.  Haunting me still.