Pear Berry Smoothie

After a short break, the smoothies return.  Going back to good old blueberry and Almond milk.  Lighter tasting, a little thinner texture here.  Plenty of banana flavor but it was a very ripe banana included here.  As usual, blend greens and the almond milk into a perfectly smooth green liquid.  Then add the fruit to that mixture.  Less coarse and seems to produce Luther colored smoothies!
The mad scientist list:
One Frozen Banana

One Pear (quartered and cored)

One cup of Mixed Berries

Two handfuls of mixed Greens

One and a half cups Almond Milk

Two Tablespoons Flaxseed Powder

Smoothies Hits Home

Someone in the house decided that smothies are what we need to get in better shape.  We now have a blender, a book about ten day cleanses, and a reluctant smoothie chef.  The last part would be me.  Why?  Like I really know!  I’m just the smoothie bartender minus the liquor.  I’m really good at making up drinks, but take away the alcohol….well it’s just wrong.
So day one.

12 medium strawberries (not pretty ones, no crowns)

2 kiwis with skin on 

1 cup green tea (cooled)

1 cup water

2 handfuls spinach

2 tablespoons flaxseed powder

Blended to completely smooth and greenish.

Refrigerate or blend in handful of ice cubes.  

This produced about 24 ounces, or .75 liters.

Veggies and fruit freshness will effect volume!

Day two oranges and pineapple, and almond milk!

Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Tomorrow less of me, yeah right