From Within

My heart beats slowly

It’s collection of shadows cast

Future and past layers deep

Lost in within time and place

Eyes search for paths nonexistent

My feet let to figure out touch

From whence I came is gone

Destination lies in the clouds

Nothing lingers like a scar

Hope covers all wounds inside

That impulse jump starts my senses

Tiny rays chase away those shadows

Sunrises of the soul break


Eyes of Green

Dreams feed the mind

Fantasy nurtures the heart

Trapped by pools of green

Release reluctantly by blinks

Catch me watching you

Strange feelings well within

Obsession is terrible addiction

Scratching inaccessible itches

Hope breaths desperation

But curves raise the pulse

Dreams still feeding mind

Fantasy starving the heart

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Wordle – My Demons

Week 190.png

1. Parka

2. Raise

3. Security

4. Absorption

5. Offend

6. Nearby

7. Bewilder

8. Matchbook

9. Abrasion

10. Semicircle

11. Noticeable

12. Alice and Wonderland Syndrome

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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“I’m a bit bewildered.” I raise my head from my parka hood. “Nearby, my empty matchbook appears offended by its burnt appearance. I needed you for security. Light, noticeable security issue for me.”

A semicircle of demons speak in quiet words. Abrasion is their language. They know my mind lives through absorption and they know it.

“You are in my hand!!” I shiver “Stop calling it Alice and Wonderland syndrome! You aren’t big enough to hurt me. I’m bigger than this room.”


It’s surface spins.

Oily rainbows skirt by

Watching within the world spins.

Thoughts left behind like illusions

My mind races to fit the images

They seldom come to me.

The wind cuts across

The bubble bobs and weaves.

A flock of dozens more grabs hild

Hand in hand and they dance off

Oblivion or forever they go

I wonder if what was seen

I know images but not complete

Left to fill in details

I wander along still

My path somewhat different

Simple Pleasures

Wringing right from wrong

Her form guilt’s panacea

Pleasure immune from details

Afterthoughts are tight chains

Keeping wrong from returning


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First Line Friday – An Ill Wind


The autumn chill descended over the town and with it came rot and ruin. October’s breath plays in the streets. Dense blanket of fog keep the Sun at bay. Breezes swirl but lift nothing but a few leaves. The stiffling scent of certainly wasn’t moving away.

The Almira dogs stop their incessant howling. Sounds fail as silence takes a bite from the hustle and bustle of Suburbia. Wood creaks,slightly muffed like under a rug. Two mutts slowly back away from the fence made of chicken wire and old beams. Wood crumbles. Wire rusts through instantly. Tentatively they take their last steps.

Trees sway above. The fog moves a little further. The stench lingers. Upon the next house, another life falls.

FFAW – River Runs

“I love the sound of the river. God, those engines fighting the inevitable current! They surge!” Timothy taps his fingers on a wooden crate. “If they stop, the thing goes sideways.”

Timothy tugs down the brim of his ball cap. His eyes roll along the viaduct. Empty as always during the morning. The Sun has yet to bring out the second round of fishermen.

“Well, time to loosen the load. I hope you can swim….” Timothy’s voice raises slightly. “Oh yeah…Good luck with the crate, ropes and gag.”

Timothy pushes the long narrow crate to the edge of the tailgate. A sudden shift in weight drops it to the concrete surface inches from the water.

“Don’t worry those bags of sand won’t hurt soon. The water takes all that weight away. It sounds like it knocked the wind out of you.” Timothy pushes it end over end til a loud splash splits the surface.

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Wordle#120 – You

1. Codex (a quire of manuscript pages held together by stitching: the earliest form of book, replacing the scrolls and wax tablets of earlier times. A manuscript volume, usually of an ancient classic or the Scriptures. Archaic. a code; book of statutes.)
2. Mineral
3. Formidable
4. Noun
5. Glisten
6. Future
7. Cinematic
8. Drift
9. Feint (a movement made in order to deceive an adversary; an attack aimed at one place or point merely as a distraction from the real place orpoint of attack)
10. Sehnsucht (yearning, longing, pining, missing someone intensely)
11. Navel
12. Choose
Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.
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You speak me like a noun.  Sehnsucht terms like minerals. But the chosen words drift from the  glistening codex of the future.  It’s a feint move, that leads to gutting me at the navel. You eyes hide a formidable enemy with cinematic flair.