It’s a Valentine’s Meet and Greet: 2/12/16

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Meet and Greet continues today so be sure to stop by and visit other bloggers.  I want to remind everyone as to what I consider to be the most powerful aspect of the MnG concept and that is to visit other sites and introduce yourself.  Leaving your link and leaving is […]

Reblog Meet and Greet Link 11/6

An idea for connecting to new people.  Click below.
If you’ve got nothing else going on today through Sunday, join in the fun at the Dream Big Meet and Greet!  We have ginger snaps and fruit punch for everyone! Click here for Ginger Snaps!

Reblog – Feelings and understandings.

Did you ever feel like something’s missing but had no idea what it was? Did you ever feel like getting out of your skin because it was so damn suffocating in there? Did you ever feel like smacking people just because they weren’t listening to what you had to say? Did you ever feel invisible? […]